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BPP's Spring Break Rant Award

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Ok Spring Break is about to wrap up, maybe one or two more weekends to go, but now its mostly families heading south. Turtlebacks, as I call them. I try to go buy diesel on saturdays at the store, and here are all these minivans with a plastic shell on top loaded down with way to many bags and junk. Haven't you heard the old saying "less is MORE"

    But anyway, there is always one thing that I see over Spring Break that really chaps my ass, above and beyond the normal shit that you vacationers do as you travel through my area on the way to the beach. Well, I have been waiting to post this in hopes something else will top this outrageous behaviour, but I don't think it will be topped this year so here goes.

    My 2003 Spring Break Rant award goes to the yuppie mother from Atlanta, that will remain nameless. What did she do you ask?

    First off, to any readers out there in the hostess and waitress business, please forgive me for this post. It will be very disturbing to you.

    I was sitting in a restaraunt witht he family over Spring Break and enjoy watching all the people around me. One table caught my eye. Young family, LAte 30's. Older daughter around 13 and a new baby, around 2 - 1 1/2 yrs old. The Mom is taking care of the new baby. Fixing him his food up ready to serve the baby. Any Moms out there know, that Mom doesn't get to eat until the baby is served first. Well mom bites into her chicken and starts semi-chewing the meat. She then removes it from her mouth and sets the meat in front of the baby. JUST like a freaking bird! She starts to chew and then hands it off to the offspring. She then gets up some French fries and tears them up and sets them in front of the baby. She then crushes up some crackers and sets them in front of the baby. She picks some other food off her plate and the other family member's plates, tears it up and sets it in front of the baby.

    She is not finished yet. She squirts a ton of catsup and ranch dressing down for the baby and then she is finished. She starts on her meal and keeps checking back on the baby.

    Now what is so wrong with this pic Poppa. Sounds normal to me. Well, my friends here is the shitty part. She didn't set any of this food on a plate. She didn't set any of this food on a napkin, she didn't set any of this food on a cardboard box or anything else. This lady fixed her baby's entire meal directly onto the table top in the restaraunt. That's right, straight on the table that the busboy had wiped up with a semi-cleaned rag 10 minutes before hand. And what a freaking mess this kid made. Food and shit everywhere, catsup smeared over half the table. Cracker crumbs mixed in with ranch dressing, all over the table and floor. Pieces of food mixed up everywhere. It was a horrible mess.

    After they left the busboy came out and just about shit when he saw half a bottle of catsup poured straight on the table. He cleaned and cleaned and the hostess came over and had to help him bus everything up so she could hurry up and free the table. It was really shitty what that Mom did to the staff of the restaurant, not to mention running the risk of sickening her child with food poison settting his food directly on a public-use table.

    But wait till you hear the rest of the story..........

    The dad left a 3 dollar tip when he walked out! :D

    And now you know the resssst of the story. Good Day!
  2. I really expected you to say he left NO tip!

    Yes people are strange. And sometimes really gross!
  3. *shakes head*

    people like that annoy the hell out of me.

    it isn't like it is hard to make it less work on someone, you just have to have the capacity to think.
  4. Quit your bitching..... Did you have to clean it up??? Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO

    I do understand what you are saying.. We feed Samantha off our plates and to her mouth. We also do not allow her to play with the food.. When we leave you can't tell that a child was sitting at the table..

    Feeding a child off the table has got to be the nastiest thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love my child to much to give her food from germ heaven!!!!
  5. We have fed our kids off our plate many a times, but I have never pulled from my mouth and fed my kids that.

    And the lady just dumped catsup all over the table for the kid to play/eat in, YUCK That is nasty.
  6. that was MINDBLOWING!!! Unbalevable! What a CRAZY BITCH!!!

    wow, i half dont belive that story!
  7. puffy, thats somt of the funniest mosts F'ed up stuff id ever heard,....ida died. now there's dining entertainment.

    i once watched a man toss a baby,baby overhis head , th baby did a flip in the air,over the concrete walkout at K-mart!...he cought him thank god, but my husband wouldnt stop so i could yell at him.


    whfis wrong with people :)


  8. I will never put food in my mouth and then give it to my child.. I will never have my child eat off anything but a clean plate.. And Never let them play in their food..

    I'd bet their house looks like it hasn't been thoroly cleaned in a while!

  9. listen to paul harvey? hes good.
  10. That is the nastiest thing that I have heard all day today! I can't believe that she partially chewed the food for the kid. Or that she put all of that stuff on the table. SICK!!
  11. That's just gross. I SO would have offered her a plate. My germ phobia would have kicked into overdrive and made me open my big mouth and say something to that crazy woman. That is just so gross. Then, she just left the mess. UGH! People kill me!

    See, Poppa, feet aren't so bad after all. Wouldn't you have rather seen her licking her mans feet and sucking on his toes then making her baby eat chewed up food off of a germ-infested table? (Poppa is gonna kill me for that one since he has a foot phobia!);)
  12. see...that's why I hate being a waitress

  13. I don't have a foot fetish, I like clean pretty feet.

    What I don't like is nasty funky feet that look like buzzard talons sticking out of car windows or put on my dashboard.
  14. All of this time, I thought you hated just hate big ugly feet.

    I'm a foot person...I love feet. I prefer them to already be clean and nice-looking when I get a hold of them but if they aren't, I will transform them into the feet of my dreams. LOL!!! I'm a freak!;) A very high freak!!!!

  15. What about painting toe nail polish on a guy's feet? are you into that as well? I let my wife do mine from time to time AND I let my baby girl practice on my toes when i am painting her fingernails.

  16. this started out a lil creepy, but is adorable! awwwww

  17. funny how my threads always wind up wacked out after 15 posts or so.

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