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BPP's rant-of-the week

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. #1 Beorge Bush Lied about uranium from Afirca going to Iraq. Well duhh, of course he lied, when he said that bullshit back in March. Are you an idiot to believe presidents and politicians don't ever lie to further their agenda. i am sick of turning on the news and seeing all these outraged news anchors discussing these lies. Pull your head out of your asses and get over with it, you dumb bastards. Of course he lied, he's still lying and will lie all the way to the next election. Its not new and certainly not news.

    #2 Ben Affleck is fucking Jennifer Lopez. Please god please give this a break. I am sick and tired of every time I turn on an electrical device, either the TV, radio, satellite, can opener Microwae, its ben and jen, Jen and Ben, BenLo, JenAff. Its nothing more than two people hooking up and fucking each other. Just beacuse they are famous doesn;t mean its worth all this fucking crammed down your throat coverage. Its just like pop-up ads on the internet with Ben and Jen. I flatly refuse to go see any movies, watch any shows, etc that show this couple. Call it my form of protest.

    Now on the other hand if anyone has a video of Ben nailing that big old sweet juicy ass of Jen, I will watch that!

    #3 Kobe Bryant raped that girl no matter how much money it costs him to get out of it. Period end of discussion on the rapist.
  2. Oh my god are we twins seperated at birth? This is exactly how I feel on all these issues! Damn!
  3. *nodding*

    elephants are most wise.
    you canna fault an LEfant's rants.
  4. I honestly don't understand how people can be so interested in celebrity couples....gah, gouge my eyes out!
  5. Here's one more up my sleeve:

    #4 #Why do Americans drive the biggest, gas hogging, vehicles in the world called SUV's? Becuase they are too fat to fit into cars anymore. we lead the world in calories consumed, heart attacks, coronary disease, diabetes etc., etc. and then we have to drive the monster urban assult vehicles to fast food outlets to keep getting fat.

  6. he'll gain from it to.... even though he did do it, the publicity he gets will be rediculos....

    but the word rediculos also explains the whole professional sporting league....
    the harder sports also get paid the least amount of money so go figure....bastards.... :D
  7. We fit into cars, but most people are obsessed with the bigger is better thing. I have a friend who's family has a Range Rover and a Land Rover Discovery. They may be selling the Discovery to get a Long Wheel Base Range Rover like they used to own before the Discovery. They are nice vehicles. They have all kinds of great luxury stuff in them and can off road better than any American or Japanese stock SUV, but I still like my little sporty cars. They zip around, have nice turning radii, and get better gas milage. My friend gets 12-15 mpg in his Range Rover. I drive my slow ass civic hard and get 30 mpg and have all kinds of fun driving it down windy roads. I can't wait until I get a better car. I think I'm gonna stick with this civic for a while and save my money so when I get out of college I can buy a used Lancer EVO. I've loved those cars for years, and already know how to work on the engines because it's the same engine as the eclipse I wanted to get except rotated 180 degrees.

  8. The next time you go to a chain restaurant take a look around and see how many SUVs are in the parking lot. Then when you are inside take a look around at the patrons and see how many are overweight. The portions of food served in one average meal in a chain restaurant has enough calories to feed to two healthy adults with some calories left over.

    The plain thin patty hamburger you can get at McDonalds has enough grams of fat and enough calories to suffice for one meal for an adult. You can go to Hardees here in the south an order their big super giant burger, whatever its called, supersize the fries and have more than 3,000 calories in that one meal. The average adult only requires like 2200 calories per day for a healthy lifestyle.

    This rant is aimed at the wastefulness and overindulgence that this country has. We, as Americans, tend to think that supersize is a right and is owed to us. This country suffers from the highest rates of adult onset diabetes and morbid obesity than any other country through the history of time. Morbid obesity is defined as 100 lbs overweight, yeah 100 lbs.While we sit here in the USA getting fatter, there are people throughout the globe that are starving to death, and that is plain wrong.

    Now, its Friday afternoon and I'm through with my rants now that Kobe Bryant is going to be charged with sexual assault. I wonder how much it will cost him to get out of it? IW, I saw your pic of your car in another thread. Not too bad a car. Reminds me of mine, except mine is red and 2 door.
  9. "I flatly refuse to go see any movies, watch any shows, etc that show this couple."

    Why? You said it yourself, it's nothing more than two people hooking up and fuckin. What's the big deal.
  10. My husband went off on a George Bush rant today. The old man that he works with is all for GB. My husband severely dislikes GB and they have very lively uh DISCUSSIONS on the subject. He gets fired up just tellin' me about them.

    We mostly watch Cartoon Network......I think too much reality is not healthy for a person!!!! LOL!!

  11. Fuck you BPP!!!! I like my Ford Excursion just fine!!!!!!

    I don't eat fast food any more.. I've been eating food that i fix for myself! Lately all I eat are vegitables and lots of tomatos!!!!!

    My gas hog has to haul me, the wife, three kids, and my parents alot! I just couldn't afford a damn bus!!!

  12. raises the hand of guilt for Scotland too.
    well... on the fat munching anyway. i think we're still teh worst in teh whole of europe for it. Fat Bastard Pies all around! ;pcars here are generally way way more healthy for the environment and fuel bills.

    and dont all u guys just hate the propaganda blanket that is the "media"?

    sorry.... i'll try to calm down.... i'm forgetting this is bpp's rant thread. ;)
  13. If Ben & Jenn both got hit by a bus at the exact same time, I would throw a party. WOW your famous, so fucking what. This Ben & J Lo thing is worse than the boy band craze/macarena/clear pepsi/the titianc movie all combined.

  14. I DONT HAVE A VEHICAL!!!!!!!!! AND MY BIKE JUST GOT STOLEN!!!!! SO I HAVE TO WALK EVERYWHERE!!!!!!.....until i get a (car), o btw im an american, and i dont like suv's :p
  15. i would start a KILL ALL SUVs thread, but i fear i may get done for insighting vandolism and destruction of property laws.

  16. I suspect that the relationship bewteen Ben and Jen is nothing more than a publicity stunt to help the careers of both stars. I am just tired of seeing them everywhere you turn around and if everyone else out there decided to tune out this type of advertising, mass media would quit bombarding us with this type of shit.

  17. my, my my isn't someone touchy today...This rant wasn't against SUVs, but against Americans who consume too much food and too much gasoline. Over 90% of SUVs have never been off pavement.

    I wasn't attacking my friends out there, well maybe a few from my 3-d world, but definately not you Bud. But if I offended you, I apoligize.

    But I do stand my opinion that, on average, Americans drive SUVs beacuse Americans, on average, are getting bigger. Its a simple fact, Americans suffer from obesity at a rate larger than anywhere else in the world. AND Americans also drive the biggest veicles in the world. A big fat ass needs a big fat seat to sit in, plain and simple truth, if you ask me. You don't believe me, go to ant McDonald or Chic-Fil-A any Saturday morning and take a pen and paper. Tally up how many SUVs pull into the parking lot. Then look at the driver of the SUV. See what your tally says at the end of the day, I bet it will say most SUV drivers are overweight.

    Now if this was a anti-SUV rant I would have discussed how the tiny 5'2", 97 lb housewife who drives a Hummer H2 cussed at my wife at the carpool pick up line at school. My wife in her small station wagon was picking up 4 kids, the hummer was picking up 1 kid. The hummer didn't see my wife because hers was too big, and ours was too small.
  18. I always thought we drive oversized cars to make up for something that well isn't so oversized.

    I have a dislike for SUV's aswell, but I certainly dont believe only fat people drive em. Aftter all, if we are stereotyping or generalizing here all I see driving suv's are yuppies and soccor moms.

    All consumed by the "skinny is god" logo that society has warped into everyones minds.

    Personally, I cant think of one fat person that owns a SUV

  19. I didn't take it as you were attacking me big brother.. I knew the point you were making...
    It was just fun to get you excited... BTW my lol didn't work after the fuck you... LOL!

    I do agree with the SUV people out there.... Most people want one just to have one... I believe in having what you need to have...

    Thanks for bringing this back Ganjamom!!!!

  20. We'll have to wait and see!

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