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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 22, 2002.

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  1. This week\'s rant-o-rama goes out to minivan drivers/passengers. Not all of you out there(i.e. Nubbin) just those of you who drive around with your nasty feet hung outside the window.

    FYI, I live on a road that leads to a vacation destination. At different times of the year we see different tourists on the road. Snowbirds heading south for the winter, springbreakers heading for beer, snowbirders fleeing back north from the springbreakers, and this time of year we have mini-van families.

    Now I know we all need a break and its fun to go to the beach, but keep your big nasty ugly feet inside the car while driving to the beach OK!!!! Yes your feet need sun because you don\'t want them to burn and peel like last year but FUCK, that\'s why you go to a tanning bed the week before going to the beach. Nobody wants to see those funking toes stretched out the window. Don\'t you people realize we have bees, hornets, deerflies, and other types of bugs that will hurt your funk-o-talons if they get hit while you are speeding down our busy highways?????? I am so fucking fed up with driving down the road enjoying a beer and smoke and then have it ruined by some nasty looking foot passing by. YUCK!!!!!

    So please, help us all out by keeping your feet inside the vehicle at all times.

    I dedicate this posting to the blue van from Michigan, the red van from Iowa, and the other blue van from Indiana that I saw over the weekend that wree flying the feet from hell out of the side windows.
  2. next time somebodies foot is hangin out the window get over, and when they go by reach out and grab it and play with it and stuff..or tickle them a lot..i bet theyll never do it again...cuz i hate being tickled

  3. That\'s just pure nasty!!!

    I don\'t think you are following me there, dear Norman. Picture this: Friday afternoon, work week is finally over, heading to the house for a weekend of bliss and quiet and peace. Enjoying a quick toke and a cold beer. Driving along at a nice pace of 10 miles under the posted limit, window rolled down so you can breath some free, albeit hot, air. The golden oldies station is cranking out some nice Elvis, or Frankie VAlli and the 4 seasons, When all of sudden BAM!!!!! here comes a minivan passing by. Totally shot up from out of nowwhere. You look over expecting to see Christie Brinkley driving a red ferari as in the National Lampoon VAcatiopn movies. BUT NO!!! what you see is a nasty looking guy from Michigan with legs and feet as white as a jar of virgin mayonaise. And what parts of the leg/foot that are white are covered in some red sores and bumps. But the worst are those nasty, gnarled up, fungus infected toes. All just daintily hanging out the window. This is what I\'m trying to stop in the good old USA!

    And you wnat me to touch them. AAACKKK!!!!!!
  4. It sounds like Poppa has a serious aversion to feet.

    I like feet!

  5. Just big nasty Yankee feet!

    Cute little tanned ones with painted little toenails at one end a pretty cooter at the other end of the leg are what I prefer.
  6. oh...yeah..now that ive got anothe bowl in me, the ol imagination and imagery unit is cranked up...and i swear one of them thar toes was up in my mouth and nose..too vivid there man...ewwie...got another pic of the weed:D
  7. i just realized that that is terrible quality...anyway...the weed is pretty good..lil orange hairs everywhere, mostly shake but ..a lot of shaken off red hairs:D...and the nugs are sticky icky:D
  8. BPP I am with you on this one, get those stinkin feet outta our faces, not necessary! Take \'em to the beach and get \'em tanned! No need, no need!
  9. Mr. BPP and i won\'t tell what that really stands for, this type of post goes where?

    I would think you being a Stoned moderator would know where to post this. Damn STML has hit him again.

    I\'ll save ya ass again sir!

    Back to feet. Smelly subject. If they have to hang some thing out it should be???????

    Well I know have to move this thread before it gets way outta hand!
  10. yeah i\'m not a big fan of other mens feet, i can\'t fucking stand looking at them. i don\'t have a problem with girls feet though i used to give my sister foot rubs all the time for cash and cigs.
  11. Feet are sick, they gross me out. I hate them all, the thought of anyone sucking on a toe makes me want to vomit. I like mine, but if a guy sucked on my toes I wouldn\'t kiss him untill his mouth was properly rinsed.

  12. In the Seasoned Tokers forum where I originally posted it at!

    You know I have a hard enough time keeping up with my posts. That\'s why I tend to start \'em all up in ST. Like a chicken coop, I keep \'em all in one place so I can keep an eye on them. But Mr. Bud is being the fox and keeps raiding my chickens.

    Maybe I\'ll stay at General Growing where you can\'t catch my chickens.

    I think you enjoy moving my posts so I go all around the board like a chicken with its head cut off!! LOL
  13. ya umm is it ok to stick ur feet nouta the windowif there like clean and nice feet(like mine)and ur not in a minivan and ur in canada,?is it ok ? but i agree, feet are gross and so are minivans, soo?
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