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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Big Poppa Puff, May 21, 2003.

  1. here is the rule for this thread. If you have personally been scammed by a seedbank post it up, the name of the scammer and their addres as well. None of this "a friend of a friend told me this happened to him..." stories. You personnaly were ripped off either didn't get it or got crap seeds, etc.

    Then after a specific scammer is named, then any corraborating evidence or testimony about that particular site can be brought up. You can bring up discussions from other forums, if you provide a link if asked to.

    I earlier posted a thread regarding Recommended seedbanks, now this thread is its sister, the NOT recommended. The reason I am puttin stipulations on posts is I don't want any any smear campaigns brought against anybody, just cold hard truth.

    So lets go expose the scammers.
  2. i got some of these JRS "bubblegum" 6 out of 10 germinated and look fine outside now......... i saw the pics of unoits grow, and they all turned out male, and grew 7 feet+.
    i got ripped off, but i wont see it til about the middle of summer

  3. HIGH All, nope JRS never ripped me O.F.F.F. I call it bad luck. Sometimes you can't Always get females...too bad in my case All turned out males. The seven footer was not from JRS but Canadian Medical seeds who in turned ripped us O.F.F.F. The 7 footer was surpose to be a Bubblegum and wasn't. Ordered White Widow with it and those never germed and told them about it and said they were going to seed new ones...nothing to date yet...that was 7 or so months ago!

    Don't worry Skreebly I have faith in those seeds you recieved from JRS and am sure you'll be happy with what turns out.
  4. i didnt exactly mean ripped off but oh well. the plants are doing pretty well anyway and im thinkin of snappin a few pics of them.
  5. I got ripped off by ME seeds. I ordered the hyper expensive Great white Shark seeds a 180$ canadian...I got them ok but then I tried to grow them. They all germinated and all were hermies. I emailed ME and never got a reply....The follow up service is pathetic as was the quality of their seeds.

    I have grown from seed before and all conditions were managed so that the plants werent stressed or anything like that....

    I got bad seeds....
  6. I bought top 44 and shiskeberry, I will report within a few months.... hopefuly...
  7. JRS never shipped mine out....never got them :(

  8. It's hard to believe....this was posted on his site about seeds in the mail site on the 16th.
    If you are having problems all you have to do is ask and I'm sure they'll jump on it.

  9. Maybe Johnny didn't approve his order. Some people don't understand that he only accepts a few of the requests he gets.
  10. Yes I forgot to mention he wants you all to answer his question seriously...it's that simple.
  11. I ordered Misty from Marc Emery,had to get a Canadian money order from post office.They sent me a catalog everytime I asked about delivery.That was 2 years ago.I also got some infertile seeds from Fleur du Mal seeds.Not 1 out of 13 seeds sprouted.When I asked about them,I was told that he grew 7 out of 10 of the same batch.
  12. Seen the posts about ME Direct Seeds and Im one of their victims too. When I first started growing I was lured in by their sweet talk and huge selection of seeds. Soon enough I learned though. I bought AK47 and Shiskaberry from them. I EVENTUALLY got my seeds and when I germed them only about half sprouted. I grew the ones that did, and got 2 female out of the whole order. I wrote them but have yet to get a response. They suck. On the other hand, I have personally done business with JRS and he sent me the White Rhino which I am currently growing. Got one good yield (Not the best that Ive smoked, but nonetheless, I am very pleased with my $3 investment) and some clones growin right now (I am goin to fertilize a few). To all you who have had bad experiences with JRS, sorry, but you can probably imagine that he gets tons of requests and there will probably be some honest mistakes (the most you could have wasted was $3 and some time).
  13. Is it legal to buy seeds and have them sent to America and whats the best seed bank to do so?
  14. Damn these forums are real active huh?
  15. I ordered some Blueberry seeds from maryjanesgarden.com and ALL OF THEM WERE IMATURE, LIKE WHITE COLORED, DRIED UP, AND WHEN I SQEEZED ON'EM A BIT, GUESSS WHAT???.... THEY FUCKIN' CRACKED AND WERE EMPTY ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FUCKIN' BITCH RIPPED ME OFF OF $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I been riped of by thcseeds.com i got the seeds but not a shit grew now i am ordering from grasscity.
  17. You dont wanna get ripped off so you gotta go with a company that looks like they are serious two of the best seedbanks ive dealt with are

    www.ganjaland.com and seedbank.com

    Ganjaland has a phone number and has been in business for a while and the bud was the best i had in my life!!!!
  18. www.Ganjaland.com even has a printed catalogue they will send you
    I like theyre strains as well. Never used them ; so is this a post for or against them ??
  19. i know this might not be the place to ask but where do you think i have the best of luck getting good seeds from i am hopin to get some soon.

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