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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. Ashley said she is flattered that you are a fan of hers. She doesn't remember you though. I told her you wanted to meet her and she said ok if I was to take you there. I told her I would let you know!

    What about it BPP?
  2. I'm all over that as long as Momma is OK with it. I'm coming to nashville soon probably in May.

    Tell her I watched "someone like you" and hated it! There is no way in hell any guy would ever leave Ashley Judd for another women. And Ashley Judd being stood up on New Years Eve. Yeah Right, she would go out, hunt your ass up and hand you your nuts on a platter!
  3. Yea any one who would stand up Ashley would be outta their F'ing mind! I don't know a woman i would leave her over.

    The doc now says the baby will be here on the 17th. Show up then and help me celebrate the new addition!

    Come on up on the fourth of july and join in on some great times! Food, beer, swimming, fishing, horseshoes, badmitting, basketball, and lots more. A blast all ages will love! Fire works for at least three to four hours!!!
  4. Come on down critter. You are welcome anytime! My door is always welcome to my friends here at the city. Renew that passport and bring ya ass down for the fourth of july. You'll have so much fun you'll have a hard time leaving!
  5. Hey BPP! How did the vist from the parents go??? did ya manage to "escape" un-detected??? LOL I know the feelin', we're expecting the in-laws for a week or so this summer. I guess I'll really be glad to go to work, as I can Blaze there without being "busted" by the 'rents!!
  6. Dude I'm fine, flat as a rug on valium!
  7. Whoa, stop, reveasre!

    I'm fucked now!]

    My wife's best friend just called me up on my sail fone now and said she had to get stoned before she called me "just to talk to me"!

    She knew it was my cell phone and not the maoin house #


    Fuck I don't need no crazy stoned ass 39 yr old divorcee calling me up "just to talk"! Espicially when they are my wifes best friend.

    I'm fucked, please pray for my soul! I've got to tell my wife qyuick so she can head this shit off before I get into any trouble!
  8. Hey Big Poppa would you like for me to call momma puff and explain to her that you are helpless? I think I could keep you from getting into trouble with momma!

    I'll tell her you beat women off with that baseball bat you carry around!

    They call you Buford T. Puff!!!!!

    your right! you DONT need no crazy ass divorcee callin your butt! deffinately let mrs puff in on what kind of "best"friend she has. hasnt that particular lady made subtle and some not so subtle comments about you in the past????
    let her down kindly loverboy :D
    peace n goodluck
  10. Long as you RUN for your QUEEN right now!!!!! you should be able to avoid any hassle!! Your wife is a sharp, classy lady, and will NIP THIS IN THE BUD!!!!

    Trying hard, and not succeeding very well, not to LOL!!
    Otherwise it's "Move over Rover, The Big Dog's back in the Doghouse again!!"

    And you have over 2,000 "witness'es" that you wanted NO part of this, and went public as quick as possible!!

    lol, snicker, choke,..........There! Back in control, and praying for your soul with sincere best wishes 11111111
  11. I told Momma just as soon as she came in from her girls night out last night. After she was convinced that I didn't initiate it and was not going to encourage her friend, she said not to worry.
  12. Waaaaaaay cool BPP! Glad to hear It!! :smoke:
  13. Did you notice from my earlier posts that I went from fine and dandy to FUBAR in about thirty minutes. Damn Life is a rollercoatser ride

  14. I'm going have that fucking doghous carpeted and airconditioned. Might as well make myself comfortable
  15. Yeah you're right!!! Our Dog house sheds water better than our's does currently!! LOL, Don't tell me I don't have MY priorities straight!! Learned long ago the value of having a place to go lick your wounds!! :smoke:

    And yes BPP, I did notice you seemed to be holding the ticket to the Grasscity Roller Coaster of life ( and travelin' Music show(( Hint, Hint, Mr. Bud Head)) ) today!! It never ceases to freakin' amaze me how quick that Roller Coaster can run!!! :smoking:
  16. life roller coasters
    dog houses with out carpet
    I'mm building a seperate house for me. A dog house is to good for me, so momma says!
  17. That's the tough thing about life foe me, I KNOW that the higher you go that means there's a big dip just waiting.

    I did hear some good news. Blues Traveller is going to be at the local music festival this spring. Now I won't have to go listen to STYX.
  18. Now whats wrong with Styx? Kansas? Chicago? Eagles? Beatles? etc........

  19. Nothing's wrong with thos groups, but when you have a 3 day music festival and Styx is the headliner of the rock venue, its get to be a downer. We now have signed Course of Nature and Blues Traveller so I at least have some good, NEW, music to listen to. Last year our headliners were KC and the Sunshine Band and Kenny Rogers.

    Just wait till all the groups are signed on and I'll post the line-up to show you how bad it can be.

    I think you have a better line-up at your 4th of July party. LOL
  20. You may have a point there BPP!

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