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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Here is my thread of the recommended seed banks to shop at. Please add you own, but do not be mad if I edit this thread heavily and chop your answers out. This thread has my name on it and I will not tolerate spammers. I have final say-so over which sites get listed. I only ask that you have ordered from the site AND will re-order again.

    I am also taking down names for sites NOT recommended. PM those that have ripped you off or those you would not use again.

    So here goes in no particular order:

    #1 Seedsdirect www.seedsdirect.to Good source, reasonable price, stealth shipping, wide selection, free seeds with each order, located in the UK

    took HQ out as they are no longer in business.
  2. heaven's stairway sister site has stock available
    is also out of Business
  3. HIGH All, great idea BPP over at CGI they have a Roast & Toast, the Good, Bad & the Ugly on seed companies.

    Our experiences with seed companies have been excellent so far and would recommend who BPP recommened.

    The companies we have delt with have All sent within a timely fashion and came in stealth mode. (sounded better than stealthy *LOL*)

    peakseeds came just like the others. We have there NL#5 X BB and the Texada Timewarp (day 4 12/12)

    Cannabiseeds.net we have'nt delt with...BUT...these great people are helping out the people who we're ripped O.F.F.F. by Canadian Medical Seeds by donating some of their seeds. Some White Widow is now on it's way to our BUDdies house.
  4. Hi, I ordered my seed from Gypsy at seedsdirect. 10 mango and 10 N.LxBig Bud. Plus he gave me 15 Skunk#1 for free! So
    far ALL the Mgo's and All the NLXBB have come up and only 3 of the Skunk. So I am very happy with this purchase. Took only 2 weeks from time of order to getting shipment and I will use them again.

  5. Has anyone else used this site to order seeds? I mean someone that I know from the City used Dr. Chronic? If not, this link goes to the wait and see list and not my recommended list.
  6. hi,Big Poppa Puff and Grasscity members, i know im not allowed to blow my own trumpet, so im not going to ! but i will fill you in on "dr chronics seed bank" we operate low profile in the UK and have been trading for over 15 years from our store in the south of England.we deliver our seeds within 24 hours of the order, i dont shout about it just get on with it and deliver the seeds.
    peace to all Dr Chronic.

  7. Thank you for your response and a second thank you for following the rules of this board about not blowing your own trumpet without the webmaster's permission. Your post describes your operation very favorable, not some of the boiler room rip-off seed banks that we are trying to protect all the readers out there from. Maybe one of our readers out there that I am familiar with has used you in the past and can recommend your site. Maybe I'll try your site incognito just to test your relieability.
  8. quote] Maybe I'll try your site incognito just to test your relieability.

    just mention the "city" to get your 10% discount
  9. I placed my order (10 NL Original and 10 California Special) 5 days ago - the seeds showed up today! That's quicker than I get stuff from California! In addition, they tossed in 15 Skunk #1 as a bonus - YA GOTTA LOVE THAT!

    I will definitely be doing business with these folks again.
  10. im looking at seeds direct, and i was wondering if the seeds growing Environment says indoor, or greenhouse, can you grow it outside, and will it do well?
  11. i dont really see what worng with getting seeds from ur bags...is it really that bad...?
  12. bump for Seedsdirect.to
    got some DutchPassion female seeds from them,
    excellent service to Canada.

  13. peo, unless you have used the site for a few orders then i'd suggest removing it from BPP's threat as it's meant for ones he and others can certify 100%.....unless you check with him first.......he wouldn't want someone to buy from them and then give him grief that it was in his list off reccomended ones........Peace out.......Sid

  14. This site and post are not on my list of recommended seedsites. Use them at your own risk! BPP
  15. unoit, i was wondering how long it took to recieve your seeds from Johnnyreeferseed.......im thinking of getting some seeds from Johnny :)


  16. Heaven's Stairway http://www.hempqc.com has been nothing but great for me.
    I have ordered twice and both orders were delivered in under 10 days.
    Their selections may be out of stock alot, but their sister site in England will also deliver.

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