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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. Hey Blades! What's been going on. I've been working in cajun country this week helping out some guys in the offshore oilfiled business. Got done last night and had to hit the Big Easy on the way home. Wasn't the same without Momma Puff to hold my hand and my buddy is a big time anti smoker. Hard as hell sneaking tokes when he wasn't looking. But that's what bathrooms are for. He must have thought I had a bladder infection with all my trips to the bathroom. I'm sure I also surprised a lot off folks who got a a roomful of smoke when they went to piss.

    But enough about me, I got caught on film and if you want to see me, check it out QUICK. The site only archives the pics for 24 hours. So here's the instruction

    Go to www.nola.com/bourbocam/classic

    When it shows up a little clock to search the past 24 hours, I'm on film from 9:26 until 9:29. I had problems getting their clock-thing to work so I had to punch in 10:26 and then hit next photo, etc....

    Guess which one I am. Probably the one too busy flapping his gums to stand still and get my pic snapped clearly or facing the camera.

    Oh, I know it's not the best pic but beggers can't be choosy.

    It'll only be there until 9:26 central time tonight. BPP!
  2. Sorry Critter, no prizes today. But you got it right. Best picture of me is at 9:29.
  3. nice shot. But where's the party?
  4. It was only 9:30, check out what it looks like by midnight - 1:00 am
  5. I was trying to find you and had arrived at the conclusion that you were either a chick, a black guy or a big red truck.

    Then I relized I was just too late.

    Sorry. I had to get a snoot full of hooch last night.

    That's OK though. There's no way you could match up to my mental image of you. Opie Taylor. Drunk and on steroids.
  6. Yep, I know exactly who you are now old buddy! The guy you used to work for did a job where i was working. If you ever get up this way again you'll be surprised. When we had talked once before i thought i knew you but i wasn't sure. I do know now and you do know who i am!

    Good to see you haven't changed. See ya in the funny pages!

  7. THAT is either pretty freakin cool, or kinda scary :eek:

  8. We know each other, but on the computer I wasn't sure if that was really him. Know what i mean?

    This is in a good way!

  9. Bud you got me interested now. I'm trying to remember where I would know you from. I used to play a lot of basketball up there, would that be where you know me from?

    Get my old buddy to tell you about the time he drank a case of Busch beer on the drive to Destin, Fl and then having to dig holes in the sand so he could puke on the beach.

    Critter, I am a bit "normal" looking. But I am 6'4" and weighing at the moment at 230 lbs. Still pretty good size. My buddy in the pic is 6'2" and about 185. Being "normal" looking is a good disguise for a smoker but makes it hard as hell to score on the street when everyone thinks you are a narc.
  10. I beleive the job was in franklin. I was doing backhoe work at a house that ya'll were doing concrete work on. I am almost 99% sure it was you. I can't remember which job it was exactly. You were working for J.A. It could have been more towards Brentwood. My memory only lets me go back about two hours that i can be absolutely sure of..

    We'll have to get together some time for me to be 100% sure!
  11. Sorry, should have trusted that 1%. I never worked for J.A. when he took over the concrete business. I worked with J.A. at an engineering company in Nashville. After I left town and moved south, his dad retired and he took over the business. J.A. and I pulled a LOT of gas tanks out of the ground together. Maybe you yanked some out for me.

    Ask J.A. about the project in New Orleans in 1988 or 89. We took off to go to Destin one weekend and he drank a case of beer on the way over. We hit the beach and the sun hit him. He looked like a cat in a litter box, with him digging holes in the sand to throw up in. I had to drive his drunk ass back to New Orleans and he stayed hungover for a couple of days. J.A. will know exactly who you are talking about then.
  12. Well i could be wrong! did you wrok for the engineers back in 85-86? I was working for Charter const. back then. I did alot of digging around several gas stations and etc when i worked for them. You do look very familier to me. Of course it could have been your twin!

    I haven't seen J.A. in about three or four years. I'll remember to ask him about 88-89 next time i see him.
  13. Nope, in 85-86 I was smoking dope and screwing whores in college.

    87-90 in N-vilole
    and 90-Now in Sweet Home Alabama!

    My wife is out of town so I took the day off work to stay home and relieve my college days. can't wit to the wife gets home.
  14. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used to date a girl from Brentwood and spent one christmas there. She had a older brother-in-law who drove a dump truck and worked construction. I remember me and him getting up one morning for a beer and a shot at the construction gang bar. Musta been '87.
  15. Was that you that was making it with my sister? She had twins after that! Makes me wonder if you are the................

    Send blood sample for test!

    Just joking!
  16. Damn did i fuck that up?

    My girlfriend
    Her sister
    her sister's Husband the construction worker

    And no twins, good catholic girl type, no fuckee fuckee, just suckee suckee!

    Later BPP!!!
  17. Sounds like my kinda girl.
  18. Lol, fond memories. :D

    I had to bring this thread back.

  19. gj cause i enjoyed reading it

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