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  1. Beer pong
  2. I always play circle of death.
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    lol anyone who follows that apparently doesnt know how the oil industry works.

    Boycotting BP stations only hurt regular people, the owners of the stations. Plus BP gas is not exclusively at BP stations. It can be sold at shell or whichever station
  4. So this thread isn't about drinking games? Hmm...
  5. Agree, fuck bp.

    Good petition though, signed it.
  6. nah man fuck esso man its a conspiricy man the government is controlling our oil man! CONSIPIRCY MAN!
  7. good! I think we should nationalize the oil companies anyways. its about time!
  8. Thats exactly what i was thinking when i sawl this thread.
  9. /facepalm
  10. I signed the petition for both of us mushroomsatsuji.
  11. Jw do you want BP to go out of business?
  12. No. I'm aware of the consequences.

    I was only joking about the petition.
  13. Here is an idea. Why dont we, shut off the oil for a bit so the hole can be fixed? Or not use oil at all? We dont need it.

  14. You can't shut off mother nature man, they can try to stop the flow long enough to plug it but you can't just turn off an exposed well, that pressures built up it needs to escape somewhere.
  15. Lolwut
  16. I know. Its just my Dad works for BP...Only a few years away from retirement. It would suck if all these hippies made them go bankrupt or something...

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