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boys with nipple rings

Discussion in 'General' started by littlegirl, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. do they feel weird when they touch your shirt?
    cause i just took a shower and put a sweatshirt on
    and it feels funny when the rings touch my shirt.
  2. The only reason boys with nipple rings would feel weird is because they're boys with nipple rings
  3. It was a joke lighten up
  4. dude im light

    i guess you dont have nipple rings?
  5. nipple rings are hot
  6. sarcasm intended...right?

  7. lol i love nipple rings i want to get mine pierced.
  8. [​IMG]
    "I'll take the case!"
  9. dudes with nipple rings is NOT a good look
  10. i feel the same way. it just looks weird in my opinion.
  11. i don think dudes should have piercings period, just something that can get ripped out in a conflict

  12. On girls, very. On guys (as a guy) not at all.
  13. you guys are dumb, I have my tongue pierced and guys always think it's weird.. but who gives a fuck what guys have to say, girls think it's so hot. I have more piercings too. I can easily take out my eyebrow ring before I beat someone's ass so that's not a big deal. I took out my snakebites for that reason though. My best friend has his nipples pierced and girls seem to like that too.
  14. IMO nothing wrong with a tongue piercing. I've wanted to get mine pierced for ages. But nipple piercings are just a bit weird to me, especially if a guy has both done. Something about that male symmetry ...
  15. I like nipple piercings, on guys, as long as they're not outrageously huge or anything, I wanna get mine done, but IDK yet :p

  16. I've heard that the nipple tissue hardens up when you have them pierced, so I'd say get both done rather than just one cos you know you don't want irregular odd nipnips :)
  17. i want to get mine pierced but you can't wear a bra after ward and i dont want to lose sensation in the area either. maybe thats all TMI but its all true things. you can lose sensation if they fuck it up. i might just stick with my tounge and eyebrow piercing. my bf has his tounge pierced and i think he looks hot with it. /ramble
  18. mine just hurt during winter.

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