boys and girls be kind to your mothers on mothers day

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, May 8, 2004.

  1. boys you have NO IDEA what she went thru to bring you here,an girls either you do or you will, an its
    be extra kind.... an buy her some flowers.or at the very least steal'em outta someones yard. :D
    im gonna quit smokin for mothers day...longer than 3 years this time!!!!

    anyhow do somthing nice for your ma'
  2. Wait... Your gonna quit for over three years? Thats quite a commitment.. May I ask why??

    And yeah, be nice to your mothers people :D

  3. do u mean tabbacky or weedos? and it better not be weedos!
  4. cigarettes....i quite before for three years and then....smoked again!
    smokin jane helped in the past,...ciggs suck and i suck for smokin em
    hope your all planning somthing nice for the mommas

  5. My sister is quiting too, but the only reason she is quiting cigs is cause she's pregnent ..... I hope she stays quit after the babby too :)
  6. Lol higha.. As soon as I saw cigarettes mentioned, I knew that had to be it.. I just couldn't figure it why? lol..

    I'll be thinking about my mom on Mothers day :)
  7. I'll be good to my Mama too, Higha!

    Happy Mother's Day to all of our mother's here at the City. Happy Mom's Day to you, Higha! :D I've got some respect for you guys. I like to borrow kids to remind me why I don't have my own little monsters! :p
  8. higha!!! EXCELLENT! good luck with quiting cigarettes. im so happy for you that you made that decision, let me know how it goes! I will be behind you 10101100101011% all the way baby! that makes me so happy to hear!

    anyway, last year granddad passed away, a day before mothers day and 2 days before moms b-day, so this year I want to make it extra special..its a tough time for her now..but I got her lots of flowers so far and im getting all er goodies wrapped up :)
    so to all you mommies out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY :D
  9. Fred and I bought my mom two azalea bushes; that's what she wanted.

    But this will be the last year I get her a present, probably. Next year I'll be a mother myself. I'll still send a card and visit, though.
  10. i had some chick I know draw here a nice 'perty card for a dollar lol :D

    then I'm gonna buy here a dozen roses or something, still havn't deicded...
  11. I bought my mom an ice tea machine made by Mr. Coffee. I think she'll like it.
  12. @What do you mean happy Mother -----rs day???????

    Wrong thread..

    Happy mothers day to all you moms out there in the city..

    My mom will get the usual treatment.. Just like a queen!
  13. HIGH All, yes Happy Mom Day to All you Mothers out them, take them out or just be with them so they know they are special...I miss mine.
  14. Gave my mom her present last night, and served her some brownies w/ice cream YUM! Too bad the brownies didn't have that certain extra-special ingredient.....I think she could use a little relaxation!!


    Oh, and good luck Higha on the smoking deal. I quit 5 months ago. And some days are better than others, huh! You can do it, though~
  15. go girl! That is an excellent gift.....Happy Mother's Day!
  16. YAY for mommies! hope all you moms out there and your moms out there had a geat day :) dont forget daddys day is coming soon :)
  17. I'd be kind if she was kind back. *sigh*

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