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Boycott youtube and google

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Don Piano, Feb 1, 2010.

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    They fucked up this time. Completely ignoring us in the presidential interview QandA. It is time to show them. Stop using youtube and write youtube to let them know how you feel. What a bunch of shit.:mad:
  2. i almost forgot about the citizentube bs they pullled, i asked like 10 question and approved over 100 marijuana inquiries, should've known thiswas gonna happen, fuck em, we need to start by writing our own individual state legislature....
    other than that GROW YOUR OWN
    we'll show 'em once we start using budz as our own form of currency and put the us treasury out for good....what are abunch of gold bricks buried underground really good for anyway?
  3. 1 650-253-0000 this is the best I can do for contact info (maybe someone else has their email address for concerns), and they are ringing in a minute from me.
  4. Unfortunately, Google needs to be boycotted as well. They are now the same company! What a bunch of shit.
  5. I'm with you I was pissed.
  6. I'm in. Boycott on youtube and all affiliates and sponsors. Twitter it, post it, blog it. I am emailing them, and their sponsors. I would post a video, but I am taking all of my shit off of their site, and I am not dealing with or giving money to any even remotely connected to them. They can be another victim of the failed economy for all I care.
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    called and got nowhere. I am sending an email to their advertising department. it goes like this, And I urge others to send the same type of message calling for a public apology. Until we get it, boycott all google affiliates. change your default search engine to Bing.

    "I can not seem to find contact information where I can reach someone for comment about why they completely ignored our questions about legalization for the President. Youtube/google completely ignored our voices and this should not have been done. We are the people whether you aorre anyone else wants to recognize it. I want to let you know that I am working on and calling for a boycott of Google and Youtube. You hide behind the computers but when your sponsorships and people advertising with you stop, you will know that our questions to the president should not have been avoided. How can you say it was not a popular question when it was all over the place. You have search results for many marijuana related sites. Why do you not just remove those listings while you are at it? I know... It will hurt profits. Please forward this to the right person. i will send this message daily until a response is given, online, from youtube to the people in the form of a video apology letting us know why the legalization of marijuana questions for our president were ignored!." Sincerely, "Mr Fucking pissed off beyond all belief"
  8. They have put a friend lock on their email> If you aren't an invited frien all mail gets redirected. BULLSHIT. Someone call the ACLU. This is censorship of the worst kind. And false advertising. To think how much fucking money they made off of us in the last few days visiting their site. I'll not buy a goddamned thing online ever again. I'll not pay my bills online, I'll not shop. I will minimize my uses of their services and outright refuse to do business with any partners advertisers or subsidiaries of Youtube, google or the million other fucking bullshit companies they own.

    Like that queen once said. "Fuck them, let them eat cock!"
  9. yes, let them eat cock.:D
  10. Do you really think this will work? I'm not going to boycott Youtube just because some puppet didn't answer questions about Cannabis.
  11. Will it work? Watch the stock market, someone just said their stocks lost three points five minutes after the address. So if you don't want to help and be an activist, then send some of your money to the DEA. See if that helps you out any faster. Yeah, it'll help if people do it. But be a hold out. We know who's side you are on.

  12. Yeah man I'm working for Big Brother...WATCH OUT!
  13. LOL, hell if you think about it. We all work for big brother. And the bitch just snubbed us. That was way worse than laughing.
  14. Well I gues everybody knows we are comitted Marijuana activists now. 'Eh Glenn?:D LOL, man too funny, I had to do it.

  15. IT had nothing to do with a question not being answered, It HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE QUESTION NOT BEING ASKED>>>>>>>>>> PAY ATTENTION!

    Now that that is out of the way, Yes it will work. I am busting my ass right now writing and calling and doing all I can. If you are not down with the cause, why even post in here.
  16. As is posted I am unaware if the decision to omit the questions relating to cannabis falls on Google/YouTube, I fully support the cause but until we know who to properly blame I cannot take any rash decisions.

    It is my belief that CitizenTube is not directly affiliated with YouTube, rather someone who has partnered with them and has gone against their own promise to raise the question that really concerns the public. I will go as far as to boycott YouTube, I think it is riddled with useless garbage anyways.

    I cannot go as far as to boycott Google altogether. I depend on their services for my business. Plus they send me an advertising check every so often so why would I want to give that up?
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    Because it's a thread & I'm on a forum where you post in threads. If you're working to make this happen then good luck, but I'm not going to boycott YouTube or Google; it's impossible for me to do that.
  18. I am working to make it happen.

    For the question about why you would want to give that up? I guess if you want sell out your beliefs to google than that is your right. That would be like me going out and buying a glock, and going to get a cup of starbucks coffee while listening to Osama Bin Laden cds.
    People make sacrifices all the time for the sake of their beliefs, giving up lots more than a $30 check every month, maybe even their lives (suicide bombers, not that I believe in their cause or what they do, but none of the less it proves my point, Who does not love living?

    I like Glocks, but will not buy them after hearing that they sponsor anti-marijuana groups and are part of one, along with starbucks and others.
    I guess they give you money because you make them money, so if you will kindly let me know what business you have ,i will kindly include it in the boycott as well;). Sorry.
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    Are you saying I am giving up what I believe in because I'm not going to stop using Google & YouTube? I'm not shooting your boycott down I'm just saying that I'm not going to boycott.
  20. I'm probably not going to boycott either for the same reasons others noted, but I have contacted them via phone and now left a message online for them. I noted the boycott and I thank you for doing it. I support your actions even if I don't participate.

    Unfortunately youtube/google is now like a monopoly if I stop using them? I will lose much of my voice to the world. I do not believe a video site exists that would get me the amount of views that youtube has done. Now, if you get 10's of thousands to do the same? I might re-consider. I think we all need to start looking for new sites that offer the same services and promotion. If you find them let me know...

    Let's not fight about whether it's right to boycott or not. Those that can and will great! Seriously I support you. Those that can't or won't, ok, but don't get pissy at those that do.

    Let's not be divided on this. No matter what this was wrong!

    I'm posting a blog later tonight at MikeCann.net with a link to this thread, will be sending to my contacts at National NORML. I will do everything I can to make sure this gets noticed. No matter if you participate in the boycott or not all should do the same. Get the word out, complain, bring attention to it. This can not happen again.

    Feedback & Suggestions - YouTube Help

    Ask them why they did it....

    Why did you host an open forum with President Obama but ignore all the questions on medical marijuana and reform? - YouTube Help

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