Boy turns in parents for pot

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  1. The mom says she had no idea there was weed in the house because she never smelled it. They had 8 pounds in the house. 8 pounds. There's no way in hell that didn't smell dank as fuck throughout the whole house, or at least in their bed room.

    Either way, the parents were foolish and the kid was a dick. End of story.
  2. what kids really need these days is a splash of Holy Oil

    i say burn God's incense all day.
  3. Nice analysis. I have a healthy respect for folks who can point to two bad guys. Most people only want to draw sides, you saw through the bullshit.
  4. If he ends up in a foster home, 10 bucks says this kid blows his brains out as an adult when he realizes marijuana laws are complete bullshit.
  5. Read those fucking retarded comments at the bottom of the article. What a joke. Too bad comments are done via facebook otherwise i would verbally rape them.

  6. Amen on that! Thats pure made up cyber drama!

  7. Glad to see I'm not the only ol' man in the house.

    Kid may or may not have been a dick. We have to understand a couple things here. 1. step-dad could have been a real douche and the kid turned him in as retribution. Indications such as the 8 lbs of medicinal use and I never smelled the 8lbs of weed in flimsy plastic wrap, honest lead me to think the boy may have been fighting back rather than being a spoiled turd

    2. Or the kid really could have been a spoiled turd. If you portray subversive behavior to your children, they will learn it.

  8. This is how die-hard prohibitionists are born. This child will likely grow up to be a drug warrior for no better reason than to fend off the soul-rending guilt that would plague him were he to acknowledge the truth about marijuana.

    Parents need to educate their children before the system begins to scrub their brains of the ability to rationalize and determine right from wrong on their own.
  9. This sounds fishy to me. I bet the father of the child had something to do with instigating the child against his mother. What is worse though, a child smelling cannabis or a child smelling second hand cigarette smoke? Ugh, so sick of people controlling people and corrupting young minds.
  10. Its probably mostly the parents fault though. The kid was clearly not educated on marijuana, and so he just believed everything he's heard about it from dare, his teachers, and propaganda. Not really his fault when weed is made out to be the most dangerous drug known to man.
  11. You just don't do this to the people who gave you life. Damn most blades would LOVE if their rents' smoked, let alone be okay with it. He is only 11 but still lame
  12. Someone brought up Granny Storm Crow in the comments! Shes famous:hello::smoke:
  13. Use this as a lesson. Our children are going to learn things regardless and apart from what we hope for. It is our DUTY as (future) parents to raise our children with a brain capable of perceiving understanding data and to reason with it logically. This is a task growing more and more difficult as our youth become mature faster and faster. Start educating your children in utero. Now if I could only find a teacher that teaches using endoscopy.
  14. Fucking government brainwashing our kids.

    The biological father used his own kid to get revenge on his x wife and her new husband..
  15. I bring Granny up all the time on my Google+ page, and any time I'm debating/discussing cannabis on our local news website. And I always leave a copy of the link to her list too. I'm glad others are talking about her too. What Granny has done for the cause is amazing. We all owe her our deepest gratitude.
  16. Ungrateful little fuck.
  17. You should get an auto infraction for doubling up threads imo

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