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Boy. Sure is quite in here tonight.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, May 3, 2003.

  1. What'd y'all do.......... get lives?:)

    Anybody home?
  2. I'm here, broke my handlebars, can't ride, tripin out, i know how crackheads feel when they fiend now.
  3. I'm here. I'm quiet though....


    (I saw ganjaphish...she's here too! YAY!!!!)

  4. hahaha i was gonna say i'm here for once andit's quiet! ;)
    so how're you guys doing???
  5. man without my bike it almost feels like i broke my weiner off,,,, almost,,,
  6. Well sheeeit! I'm gonna speak up more often!

    Ganja showed up!


    Howzitall on the left coast?

    I guess I gotta go read how ya broke your bars Toosy!
    Big crash?

    Rumjilly? Quiet? Yeah, and I'm the Pope. I just lost my big hat!:)

    I seen the lil indian dude lurking.

    If I got all the babes here I'll bet Bud will wake from a dead sleep and show up.

    Any takers?:)
  7. n there ain' turd on tv either,,,
  8. thats a bet id not dare to take
    im finally finally relaxing :D
    feels pretttttty nice

  9. I didn't even get as far as crashing, they broke while i was gapping over a set o stairs, i pedalkicked off and when i tried to pull my bike up i ripped the left side of the bar off. I bailed down the stairs and landed on my feet kinda, it sucks i didn't even get hurt, i don't have any blood to show for it
  10. it sure is pourin here on the left coast how's your homestate okie? :)

    and toosicks actually here casino is on. i love the damn movie i'm just a tad too drunkhigh to concentrate.
  11. I ain't touching the broken weenie deal.

    Now that did'nt sound very good at all.

    I meant I have no comment to your comment.

    Relaxing is good. It's so..............relaxing.
  12. i like your new jump.....ya craaaazy boy
    p.s. if it isnt new forgive me after all i is a stoner
  13. TooSicks is wiggin' out!

    What did you mean by that little crack up there about the Pope and shit, Okie???? HUH??????????????????????????

    Higha....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...we'll wake Bud Head!

    YAY!!! Again!!!!! Ganjagirl is here!!!
  14. I can't discuss caps in the night. I'm sorry, Zia...I just can't. Next topic...
  15. aw man i miss everyone here at the city!!!! i wish i had more time in my day!!!! shit i should make time. big hugs and many bowls smoked to ya'all tonight:) <3 <3 <3

  16. i was whisperin
  17. i ass led zeppelin AHAHAHA that is the greatest! i do, i ass all of you!!! ;)
  18. Sure you were, Higha. I think you want to wake the leghound!!!!

    Ganja, we've missed you a lot. I mean a whole frkn lot!!! Just have 25 hour days from here on out. It's quite simple. Trust me! :)

    Hmmm...Zia, or the what about goodnight, sailboat, shoestring, blueballs(or is that two separate words?), earthquake, hamburger(LOL)...ok, I'm reaching. Let's talk about nightcaps!
  19. i think im the only one whisperin ;)
  20. I ass Zepplin:)

    That's some funny stuff!

    By the time I try to write anything else y'all be on to another subject so I ain't even gonna try.............

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