Boy Scouts are out of their freakin minds

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  1. A boyscout and his mom came to my house trying to sell popcorn and some other stuff. You know how much the cheapest popcorn was??? 9 DOLLARS!!! Then there was some chocolate covered pretzels and other assorted stuff, 50 bucks. like are they joking? I know you have to turn a profit, but I'm not gonna pay 9 dollars for something that undoubtedly cost no more than 25 cents to produce.
  2. "your prices are almost as high as me" *slams door*
  3. damn them are some steep ass prices. I wonder how many they actually sell at those prices, cant be much. lower the price sell more
  4. Are you in Toronto? A friend of mine is the chairperson of Scouts and she is selling the popcorn right now. Her garage is full to the brim of it.
  5. They will hit you up when you have the munchies!
  6. Ha I had to buy some from my cousin. And he is autistic so you really can't say "No"
  7. [ame=]YouTube - These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty Compilation[/ame]
  8. Your not paying for the actual product. Your paying to keep the organization running, hence the term fundraising
  9. well they could ask for donations, but instead they would rather give u some shitty food. i mean, rope, lube, and duct tape arent cheap....
  10. They are asking for donations, they just give you a product for a donating a set amount. Like pbs and the tote bags and shit ya know.

  11. And like I said I understand that, however I still feel that there's no such thing as "gourmet" popcorn, and for 9 dollars I better get a giant tin and not just a freakin bag of popcorn. They'd get alot more money if they dropped the price and made up for the small profit loss on each sale with selling much more. There was actually about 7 people on his sheet who had bought some stuff, it was probably all his family lol. I don't even think girl scout cookies cost that much, and those are actually good, what kinda fundraiser is freakin popcorn?? Those chocolate covered pretzels better come with a diamond in the box for 50$ a pop.
  12. Maybe it's time the boy scouts start selling bud??
  13. the real problem is those girl scouts... cant say no to those delicious cookies. i don't really like popcorn so meh

  14. Damn sorry for your cousin, but if you need help saying no give me his number.
  15. ^^ LMAO:hello:
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    If you are offering to physically harm my autistic cousin who has only one hand, I'll Pass. :D

  17. hahaha rep+

  18. dude i went to cvs and they tried the same crap, so i went inside and got some of that smart food popcorn and ate that for 2 dollers haha
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    Your a fucking fag dude.

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