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  1. I was 11 years old when I first smoked pot... It was up at Boy Scout camp.. My friend brought some up for the summer and me and him smoked it out of a pipe that we made from our offical boy scout fishing pole.....

    soon a year later me and my friend started bringing lots of weed up to camp with us... and we would smoke....pretty soon we started meeting other fellow boy scouters who wanted to smoke to... So we sold them some of out stash...And like clock work more and more people started coming to me and my friend looking for the hook-up....

    It was so funny me and my friend started corrupting little boy scouts.

    Then me and friend got a great idea....We would start a crop up at the camp... So we picked out a nice spot deep in the woods to set up our crop.... Soon after a little time we had a nice feild growing..
    Then me and friend started selling that weed to more and more boy scouts around camp... Kids were coming from all around to buy our crop... Sure the weed that we grew was nothing great,, but hey, they were still buying it....

    After awhile me and my friend stared to develop a little possie. Our possie was in controle of all the weed up at camp... If anybody wanted anything they had to come to us..... We became known as the *Chiefs* It really was a secret underground operation.. We could charge what ever we wanted for a sack because we had a monopoly on it for the whole summer.In a way we were powerful... We started making tons of money....

    We became Boy Scout Drug Lords...
    and we continued to do it for another 4 years before we got caught ............DAMB...
  2. I was at boy scout camp when I was 14 years old. Some younger kids found a bunch of ragweed and we told them it was pot. they believed us and harvested a whole bunch of it. They picked all the leaves off of it and dried them in the sun. Later that night they rolled their ragweed in toilet paper an dsmoked up. It was pretty funny until one of them had a bad allergic reaction and had to go to the medics.
  3. You guys are evil! LOL you are still funny as hell!!!!!!
  4. A good investment is getting perfume that smelles like pot (yea, they make it) roll a joint of anything and spray the perfume on it. then sell it to loosers.
  5. hey deadhead whats the name of that perfume?
    thats one of the best ideas ive ever heard
  6. Did they have like a little patch for learning to roll a spliff?

  7. well me being a boy scout myself was totally opposed to this kind of behavior. Up untill i started working for the Junior Leader Training Corps. well that's how I got started smoking. but hey i was also against drinking shows u that they don't teach boy scouts everything.

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