Boy or Girl

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by happyshmokes, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Can you please take a pic with the led off .
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  2. It's a girl man. See the lil hairs? Males grow footballs. If you ever find a male in the garden you realistically have a couple weeks before it's an issue. So don't be worried about sexing ASAP in the future
  3. I was thinking it's a hermi because of this

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  4. I'm off site right now and this was sent to me by someone on site. There is currently a blizzard going on and can't just pop over and check it out

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  5. Now that you mention It could be either. I didn't have the option to zoom and it tough to see with the light on. I did notice that area but wrote it off as catalyx development when I noticed what looked like pistils above it to the left. Looks like you're gonna have to wait till tomorrow. It will be easier to see then too. You're talking about a blizzard are you in MA? that's where I'm from lol
  6. Haha no shit man small world. I'm right outside Fitchburg
  7. Haverhill, nh basically but still mass. Where'd you wind up to have a farm pic like your avatar?

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  8. Oh I know Haverhill lol. An old friend of mine moved there to become a gangbanger with his birth family haha. Brett the barber. Not everyone from Haverhill is bad but he lived on Franklin haha. And I'm in Townsend, basically NH too. Nice and privet backyard. This year those bastards gonna be huge now that it's legal lol
  9. Haha Franklin st is rough sledding. sorry second account. Yea I'm looking for a home now in MA with my wife. Haverhill is not on the list.

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  10. its a herm ? idk its all pink in color zoom in on the part we need to see get a white light on it . if you dont want to take the time to get us some pics ill just call it a he she right now .
  11. Read up he can't get to the plants right now, he will tomorrow.
    @Brillo9703 yea man I remember it was some sketchy stuff going to visit him lmao. Out where I live is nice, Townsend was the "most average town" in the state I'm pretty sure.
    If you need an agent my girlfriend does it on the side haha. You trying to stay around there?
  12. Appreciate it. We already have an agent. Real estate sucks around me, it's so damn expensive. My rent is out of control and it's time to really kick it into high gear. Things around me though sky high in price. Newbury, Georgetown, Merrimac are the top three Amesbury is our safety but meh

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  13. Oh yea dude your talking bucks. And Haverhill is expensive if your staying in a decent place. Such a culture split around there lol. Go down the street to Danvers and it's MONEY. Good luck to you guys, def higher priced areas around you
  14. It's a boy.

    Or a hermie.

    Either way, time to cut your losses and chop.
  15. If it's a hermi I don't care, it's a single grow to test the space/ light/ smell. I have feminized seeds on the way and a crap load of bag seed. Which this plant came from

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  16. If it's a boy it's fire time

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