Boy on Shrooms Kills Himself

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Brandeis student told pals he 'didn't want to live'

    By Laurel J. Sweet and Tom Farmer / Boston Herald
    Wednesday, November 19, 2003

    A Brandeis University senior high on hallucinogenic mushrooms told party-goers he "didn't want to live anymore" right before slashing his own throat and plunging off a third-story balcony, a source said yesterday.

    "He actually got up after he hit the ground but the neck wound was really bad," the source said, explaining that Eliezer Schwartz, 21, the son of an accomplished Manhattan rabbi, severed his own carotid artery with a serrated blade.

    While Schwartz's death had not been ruled a suicide as of yesterday, Steve O'Connell, spokesman for Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, said criminal charges are not likely to result from the episode.

    Schwartz was one of four children. His brother, Moshe, and his sister, Avital Schwartz, are both Brandeis graduates. Their father, author Rabbi Gershon Schwartz, is a Fall River native.

    Funeral services were held yesterday in New York. Schwartz, a finance major, was captain of Brandeis' men's rugby football team. He died Sunday after attending a party in Gloucester on Saturday with five other people.

    Hallucinogenic dried mushrooms -- also known as "caps" and "'shrooms" -- are "not something we deal with all that often," said special agent Tony Pettigrew of the Boston division of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, "but it is not a harmless substance and in this case had tragic results."
  2. People watched this guy do this. The shrooms didn't do it. He did and they let him. < My 2 cents!!!
  3. omg, thats terrible...

    I wonder what must of being going on in the kids head... Ill bet he'd thought of suicide many times before, and the shrooms just brought it out once and for all.

    karma to his family and friends...

  4. you know, it just goes to show that you shouldn't take drugs in the wrong set and SETTING..theres always a place and time for things like these..obviousely on a third story balcony with a knife in your hadn AINT THE RIGHT FUCKING PLACE!...

    I hate to say it..but unless i hear more info on this as to what his mental state was, hes a fucking idiot...i wont say he deserved it, thats sick, but better him than someone responsable who knew what they were doing.
  5. drugs dont kill people, people kill people. He was in the wrong state of mind.
  6. im wonderin how much he ate? ive taken enough acid to get a class full of kids off, and ive eaten over a quad of shrooms, but i never felt like i wanted to kill myself. and i was not in the right state of mind when i dropped. that was a bad idea that night, luckly i didnt end up in the psych ward
  7. Definitely wrong state of mind and definitely wrong crowd to be with.Always take dangerous things from people under the influence of hallucigenics.

    shame shame.....

    *sends good karma to the rents*
  8. Hallucinagens really open up your mind and he probably found alot on his mind that he did not like...and he didnt want to go through the suffering..
  9. The mushrooms didn't do this, the boy done it himself and more than likely he had thought of suicide many times before this and the shrooms made him think " right, fuck this".

    Very Sad time for his family though.
  10. Just shows not every drug is safe, but it can be in the right situation.
  11. This is really crazy, my Drugs and Behavior professor just told our class today that exact story, she said she was told by an old student who knew the kid who killed himself. Really sad and unfortunate story.

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