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  1. Has anyone heard of her? I feel like she would be INSANE in bed. [ame=]FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY - YouTube[/ame] :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  2. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF /b/!!!!!
    I believe you are new to the internet, I would dump my boxxy folder but this isn't the place for that...
  3. Wow... Talk about an attention whore...
  4. Boxxy Folder?
  5. What an annoying fucking cunt.
  6. I'd tap that. She's just got that look....
  7. I have been pondering the idea, how much weed would she have to smoke before she acted normally?
  8. mother of god i just wanna shove my girthy cock right in her emo whore mouth to shut her up . . . . . . lolz.
  9. That is the most annoying shit I have watched since Kreashawn tried to be a rapper.
  10. The only boxxy I care about is Boxxy Brown, baby.

  11. I'd off myself if i was around this bitch for more than 5 minutes. seriously.
  12. more like wanna boxxy her face....

    annoying bitch.
  13. has anyone heard of her....

    I forgot theres people who don't use the internet like i do.
  14. She needs my cock in her mouth to stfu
  15. boxxxxxyyyyyyyyy :eek:
  16. why do people look like dinosaurs when im jhigh?
  17. Wow everyone here lives under a rock....this is several years old.

    She's the queen of the internet hate all you want. She'll never be dethroned.
  18. this is from like before meme's went mainstream and shit. pretty old lol.

    anyway, annoying? naaaaah. it's cute.
  19. I saw the old videos back in 09, I think. Whenever that long as span of time was were she was big on 4chan.

    I didn't know she released more videos. Now I do but I wish I didn't.
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    welcome to 2008.

    edit: oh, she's back... yeah...

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