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  1. yeah so last night i went to a party expecting to see some awesome boxing matches between my friends. well one of my friends who's a little bit taller than me, but roughly the same weight was supposed to fight some kid but his shoulder was hurt, so I stepped up to the challenge.

    I've never boxed before last night, but let me tell you it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Me and my friend have a had our spats and he often times annoys the hell out of me, so it was a way to vent some of that frustration (and i'm sure the same for him unto me). after the fight we both have a lot more respect for each other, knowing that we can beat the shit out of each other, take punches, and still be friends in the end.

    I can't begin to explain how amazing it is to be blazed boxing. if you've ever played billiards stoned its like watching the cue stick make solid contact with the cue ball for a perfect shot, except with my arms (and followed up with a half dozen scratches haha).

    I'm not a violent person and I never thought that fighting/boxing would appeal to me, but holy shit! after taking that first good punch to the dome and recovering my life was changed. its awesome to be small and take a beating like its nothing, feeling like a tank even though i'm not.

    [edit]: the other matches last night were great to watch, too! got to see my buddy who's a pacifist give another guy a bloody nose. and the main event, which was the only 2 people who have trained to box and actually know what they're doing, and that fight ended in a knock out
  2. I love boxing.... I could box all night. I have never been trained in it but I like just messing around with it.

    I boxed a kid who probably wieghs 100 more lbs than I do. I was standing my ground until he decides to punch me in the nose which we said was the only thing that you couldn't punch besides the other standard no hit zones. I was taking punches and hardly feeling it. I boxed another kid and he was my size and I beat his ass. He was more of a wrestler type anyway and if we were to wrestle he would kick my ass.
  3. boxing and wrestling with friends while high is the BEST.

    i have these 2 friends that are both pretty big and both think they can beat the shit out of the other one, so everytime we get drunk and/or high, these two will start shit talking and it will eventually lead to a pretty intense fight. so the other night after about 15 beers and a couple bowls, the two of them just start throwing punches in the kids backyard and after a few seconds one of them gets a nice headlock on the other one, and then chokes him out for the victory. i reffed the match so it was a lot of fun (well kinda, i just sat there giggling and pulled them away from eachother at the end)

    and of course, some times i'll get into it and i'm a pretty skinny and clumsy kid so it doesnt end well haha.
  4. we had gloves, but no head protection or anything. I rocked my buddy's face hard. cut up his nose a bit. he didn't get any that bad on me, but he pummeled me so much my jaw hurts and i can't lay on my left side cause he hit my ear real good.

    who'd a thought getting beat up could be so much fun?
  5. Yeh dude, I box real life. It's awesome. If you get good, go to a gym, and ask a couple guys. You'll find a semi-pro trainer who will help you, with minimal cost. Try to find someone who boxes/is an ex-boxer. They usually wont charge ( a tip is nice), and have the best advice.

    Kids here do that "fightclub" bullshit still. Makes me laugh.Boxing is great to watch too, especially high. AS a boxer, I lose myself in the matches on tv, and feel like its me...:hello:
  6. Yeah I love Boxing.

    My most recent match was when me and 3 other friends were crusin around drinkin some beers. And all of a sudden we all agree on a 2 on 2 boxing match with punches to the face and everything. So we get out on this road in the middle of nowhere drunk and high and just start boxing. It was some good fun.

    Then my sophmore year of high school we organized a fight between these two kids and about 25-30 kids went down to the park. Well these kids were fighting but they seriously didnt know how to fight. So everyone was gettin bored and then me and my friend decided to fight each other for fun. The whole thing was videotaped and it was a pretty good fight. I had a black eye and there was blood coming from my friends ear.

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