boxers or briefs?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Northern.Lights, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. so lets hear it

    im more of a boxer-brief kinda guy...

    what about you?
  2. I gotta say I'm a boxer man, i like the feeling of going commando without having a jean zipper scratching at your dick.
  3. I'd say both, Sometimes I cant wear boxers and shorts because Im pretty sure you know what happens with that combo. Especially if the shorts are small !
  4. Boxers for sure. I will rock commando in athletic shorts or something that doesn't have a zipper, but nothing else because then it is way uncomfortable.

    Or I end up destroying my dick when trying to zip up my zipper.
  5. pshh small shorts were made to have big balls hanging out.
  6. Boxer-briefs. Best of both worlds :D Though I do love me some silky boxers, the girls love those too lol

    I think he means the boxers hanging out below the shorts. Do you have extra large, dangly balls and that was a Freudian slip or somethin?
  7. We'll i've never seen boxers hanging below shorts so I figured he was talkin about what i just said, but i guess not if he actually means boxers hanging below your shorts.
  8. if your boxers are bigger than your shorts....your shorts are too short.

    but i like like boxers..more breathing room. ha.
  9. banana hammock
  10. boxer briefs, or free ballin'
  11. I like the support boxer briefs give, but boxers are awesome for the freedom. Sometimes I just like to feel something holding my balls.
  12. boxer briefs :cool:
  13. I meant if the shorts are small and you get an erection you can clearly see a big ass buldge In the the shorts, happened to me at the beach and I some girl ended up telling me nice bridge I was like bridge wtf??? Ohhhhhhhhh
  14. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    But I wear boxers covered by athletic shorts, covered by jeans/shorts. I always wear athletic shorts under my pants or shorts so that if I have to jump in the water at any time I am ready to leave my cell phone and cigarettes dry, wallet, etc.

    I never wear athletic shorts on the outside because I need 4 pockets at all times. I carry a small notebook in my back left pocket, a wallet in my right back pocket, cigs & lighter in the left, and change, small bills, at least 1 pencil and 1 pen, a guitar pick or 2 in the right pocket.

    EDIT: It would be nice to know what days the police are going to fuck with you, because briefs rule in being able to hide your shit, boxers cause illegal items to fall out.
  15. Hahahahaha
  16. Boxers.Cant have my junk all cramped up.Though you cant hide anything for shit,it blows.
  17. Haha, why did this get moved to pandoras?

    Butttt boxer briefs all the way, and like dude said earlier i always wear athletic shorts under pants now too, keeps you warmer and its more comfortable
  18. Usually switch it up between boxers and boxer briefs, both are good.
  19. wtf? why did this get moved to pandora's box???


    at the least an explanation would be nice

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