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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. read title

    so, i decides im gonna go sees what all the barkin is about from our many i run about a quarter mile down the road then anouther lil bit down this service road thats flooded over by a creek thats been stopped up by a beaver damn, this is on my grandfathers land that butts up against ours, his is mostly creek bottoms and briar patches..and jesus de christo did i ever stomp through them mother fuckers this morning looking for them god damned dogs...

    at first i wasnt gonna fuck with em..but they just wouldnt shut up..i hollered out the window..then out the door...then shot the 12 gauge(usually they all run and hide)..but no..they still are a lil more than a quarter mile away...but they are still loud enough to wake me up in the i

    i go outside, get a bearing on where they are, and go down there...HOPING they werent all up in this shit

    pause for wake n bake. of the biggest bowls ive had to myself in awhile here..besides the decent bowl of red hairs from whenever that was.

    youll probably also be glad to hear i changed my bong water.

    ok..where was i

    oh yeah

    i go outside..get a bearing on where they are, and go down there....hopin they aint in the briars and mud and creek and shit...well..i get to a spot where i can see em, but i cant quite see what their barkin, gettin to this spot was easy enough, but, gettin to where they are is going to be a MOTHER FUCKER! also, im on one side of the creek they are on the other..and i can hear some other animal..low pitched sound..kinda unnerves i gets a big stick and proceed beatin down these crab infested earth pubes(briars) and makin my way to a better vantage point...also, keep in mind, ive only been up for about 5 minutes by now...then i step into a big freezin cold pool..FUCK...well..i get to THE briars of the land here...hmm..what to do...fuck it, im curious, not quite awake, and if i get mauled in the face by an oncomming rabbit..i can smoke a bowl and laugh about it...i get down on me hands and knees and crawl down one of the rabbit trails in amongst these briars...FINALLY the goin gets easy..and i walk up to the edge of the creek, AND LOW AND BEHOLD

    theres are biggest dog, yapping his mother fucking head off like this animal done took his last bag of crack for the next 300 years, with all of our other dogs surrounding it..yapping their heads off, all foaming at the mouth, all frenzied up..general crazy dog in stupid ass domesticated hunting mode or somethin..cuz they werent attacking...just barking in its what did i was the biggest mother fucking arkansas razorback i have ever seen, it was a couple inches below waist high, and im gonna tell glad i was on one side of the creek and it was on the i yelll at the gods they go off runnin and then this big mother fucker goes crashin through the briars like it aint do i get out of this trip...nothin..but a buncha scratches and the sight of a big motha

    so i get to piddle back through all the shit i just came through..and wind up here..stoned..on grasscity..tellin muh story.

    hope you all have a great day.
  2. at least we got have a great day out of it.....

    though your propery sounds crazy.....
  3. i live in the b:smoking::smoking:nies
  4. the dog has big balls?
  5. I'm a lil slow this mornin' an Arkansas razorback a snake or some kind of boar?
  6. yeah..wild pig

    big ol mean mother fuckers too
  7. a stick means NUTHIN to that kinda piggy.

    glad ya changed your bong water :)

  8. lol, when i was about 12 i caught a little javelina by chasin it down. that was pretty hard, but not that hard. the hardest part of the ordeal was running from the little javlinas mama. that mother fucker could run fast.
  9. ain't it fun in the country.Ever since the end of deer slaughtering season, the damn deer have come out of the woodwork, romping and stomping and making more little deer. I think every night at midnight I have to throw open the window and holler at the dogs to shut the hell up, you stupid bastards.
  10. hell..durin deer season they usually drag a deer leg or two up to the yard and chew on it for a bit.

  11. So I take it you never saw the beast of Kar Bannoch, since you're still around to tell the story.

    Or maybe, if you can scare away gods just by shouting, you might just be the guy to take on the beast of Kar Bannoch!


    hehe i hope yas all know what i'm talking about.
  12. hehehe thats crazy, I hate when im wakin up, enless im high cuz then I just start gigglin n go back to sleep \o/

  13. Our dogs must be mates. LOL

    Some times it's three or four times a night..

    Why do they get under the windows to bsrk?
  14. Wow!

    This is the stuff of legend!

    Norm goes after a razorback...........WITH A STICK!

    You must be one mean SOB when you wake up!:)

  15. ya damned straight....of course...he was on one side of the creek and i on the other...also..i wasnt plannin on seein a big ass razorback neither..i was thinkin coon or beaver or somethin..seen as how that beaver damn is back there

    and digit..if thats the rabbit in MP and the HG then..of course not..or i wouldnt tell the tale
  16. haha ... thats crazy ... i bet he woulda tasted very good norm ...

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