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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by supers0nic, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. okay so i've been trying to put together a bowlympics game idea i had when i was smoking once alone lol
    its get a bunch of people in a room and just continuously smoke and you get a medal depending on how long you stayed in before you greened out
    but sadly i keep finding little loopholes and what not in the game...if that makes sense...
    lol just someone help me elaborate on this
    seriously its a good idea
    help me make it better
  2. Why not do different events,
    longest bong rip.
    Most bowls right after each other
    Longest breath held after bong rip.
    Largest bowl like one person does .4 and one does a whole gram.

    Can also do tasks when high like adding or doing a puzzle.
    Or play video games the best when high.
  3. me and my friends had something like this, we were all hitting .2 bowls with 2 bongs in rotation. anyone was free to drop out if they felt like it, none the less we were all friggen rippped!
  4. biggest bong rip (weighed)

    biggest gravity bong rip (this one will be fucked up)

    best blunt (all using the same amount of bud, go for longest burning and appearance)

    most bong rips in 10 minutes (like a hot dog eating contest kind of thing)
  5. Such a good idea! Keep tossing out ideas guys, I'm definitely going to try some of these this weekend with some friends.
  6. im like the bruce lee of weed smoking man, no competition, just do it outta love for the sport :smoke::smoke:
  7. we need to make this a grasscity community thing
    this could be great

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