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  1. Maybe just cuz im different, but i dont really like bowls, and im being nice when i say that. i actually fucking hate them, its so not relaxing when im smoking a bowl. i love joints. joints are me and i am joints. the most of a pipe ill use is a bong because its easier to hit, its a lil better for you, and bowls, i mean, theyre just.... whats the word im looking for....?


    i mean, when i hit someones bowl, i just feel like im actually doing drugs, and it makes me feel gross. i feel dirty when i think that my herb is a drug. and sure, in some respects, marijuana is a drug, but its not like a DRUG drug, anyone with me?

  2. naw man, pipe glass fits the hobby quite nice for me.
    But if you wanna talk about methods, joints are the original, not glass.
  3. Actually pipes ARE the original way to smoke it. Maybe not glass, but they were pipes none-the-less.
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    Non glass pipe before paper? wood?

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