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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. this sucks ass... i live in the US and we're fuckin bowless now. Does anyone know were i could maybe find one? (like at a flee market or something like that?)
  2. my house :p
    if ur gasless ass ever came down anymore lol

    other than that..dunno sides online, i kno at trader jacks they have bowls too tho
  3. what is trader jacks ?
  4. its a flee-market in PA
  5. make one genious
    tinfoil works fine
    or a socket bit
    or smoke weed ->go to the hardware store -> and get CREATIVE
  6. Hello people, I'm new here, But I've been smoking weed for
    20 years. I guess that makes me a professional! Anyway, some of the best bowls I've ever had were made of plumbing pipe. The best bong I ever smoked out of was made of a piece of PVC pipe. It's easy to drill holes where you need them. We've even smoked out of beer cans in a pinch.....
    Nice to be home...
  7. well...dont listen to either of the last two posts cause smokin out of either aluminum or pvc will ultimately lead to your demise (they both release really nasty shit when heated) just head down to your local head shop...if you have no money....steal one ;)
  8. That last post is not true. If the bong is made right.
    The actual PVC pipe does not get heated to any degree.
    It only gathers the smoke. You smoke out of pipe and bowl
    inserted into holes drilled into the PVC. And you buy the
    same piping and bowls that commercially made paraphenalia
  9. also you add water to the bong to keep it cool.
  10. never use aluminum to make a piece (ie: foil, soda cans, etc.)... not good.

    use stainless steel or wood... if you must resort to making your own... or you could go to a tobacco store and buy a real tobacco pipe... put a screen in it and *poof* ya got a bowl :D
  11. ok so um, can someone explain why aluminum foil is bad? i use that all the time.
  12. because its toxic and it kills you
  13. i didnt have any place to go to get a bowl either, so i made my own. i just went out and found a thick stick, cut it to size, drilled a few holes, and voila, a nice sturdy all-from-nature bowl. i just have a screen in there and its the best piece i have. just be creative. listen to everyone though and stay away from aluminum
  14. yea but like, does anyone have an ACTUAL reason why it kills you?
  15. because it releases fumes which, in excess, have been linked to alzheimers.

    oh, and theyre also toxic.

    and they kill you.

  16. thats the problem... see they closed down all the internet sites and all the headie shops closed...
  17. just cuz i said to do that dosent mean i do it myself
    i use soem of my homemade bongs using fixtures and such -all metal- to use as bowls
    and some pipes out of wood
    wood is definately my choice but sand it and smooth it so ur not smoking wood. and try and use a thick wood like cherry oak.
  18. I did the same thing. I had a bong made of pvc and pipes; best bong I ever had. It gave the best hits.
  19. You smoke crack and you worry about dying from
  20. Sorry. That last question was directed to Phunkyphil......

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