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Bowls Vs. Joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by twilly123, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. so today i lost my (beloved) bowl :mad: and i was wondering whether to get another bowl, or to get some papers and roll joints. but i havent smoked a joint in a while and was wondering how high you can get with a joint compared to with a bowl. like say i smoke .5 in a bowl, will i be a significantly higher than if i smoked .5 in a joint?
  2. I think smoking a joint gives you a better high. I believe that's how it is. But I prefer bowls over joints any day, so I'd get a bowl! Hahaha, but that's just my opinion. Good luck!
  3. i prefer bowls personally. i smoke too much weed when i smoke joints.
  4. I think you use less weed with bowls, and get way higher, get a bowl!
  5. i like joints once or twice a week. but i smoke my bowl every day. i use a very little bit of weed and get high as shit. kinda like i am right now. haha. i love my bowl, so i'm gonna recommend bowl.
  6. If it's dank it's strictly glass. Mids I'll roll a joint every now and then, I tend to roll like .7 at the lowest into a joint though and I feel like I smoke it too fast so I don't smoke them very often unless someone throws with me.

    Just get a new bowl OP, you'll save weed packing bowls as opposed to rolling doobies. I dunno though, it's whatever you want. I like smoking joints more than regular glass bowls. I'd never pick a joint over my bubbler/a bong though.
  7. Just smoke joints until you can save it for a nice bowl.
  8. Overall bowls get you a lot higher and conserves a lot more bud. But hey, nothings wrong with a J once and a while.
  9. bowls are better for you, but a nice joint looks bad ass
  10. Buy both! Papers are mad cheap so it should only add like $2 max to your total. Best of both worlds :)
  11. Lately I've been enjoying joints.
    The high creeps up on you a little later, the joint burns longer so it's more relaxing to sit and smoke your jay, it's not as harsh on your throat to toke.
    But I still won't say no to a fresh packed bowl. :D
  12. I personally believe that you burn it more efficiently when using a bowl... I use a bong myself tho.
  13. Bongs get you high quicker and harder. You can't get that punched-in-the-face stoned feeling from smoking a j. If you're worried about conserving weed, bongs is the way to go. Joints let off too much smoke. Also I think bongs are healthier because you filter it through water and you just burn the weed, not smoking papers too.
  14. Bowls > joints
    I feel a .5 in a bowl will get you further that .5 in a joint , but that's just me . plus I believe it's a healthier alternative since you don't have to burn the paper .
  15. If I have a lot of weed, I would say a joint is a more RELAXING way of smoking whereas the bowl can easily get you fucked off your head in a few puffs. If you have dank weed and you pack a .4 bowl, you can finish it quicker than a joint. It hits you like a train and get you high off your ass. Overall I prefer bowls because of how easy the whole process and you get baked so quickly. Stay High Stay Lit :)
  16. personally I prefer water filtration when I'm at home...but joints are superb for travel. You can roll em and stash them less conspicuously...more pragmatic too ...light it once or twice...chill af. Easier to ditch a joint than paraphernalia. But to answer your question ,5 bowl vs .5 joint same same. Weed is weed...just smoke it yo!

  17. OP is 7 years old.

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