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Bowls or Joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AussieReefer, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. First timer with a quick question.

    I need to be quite a skinflint with my weed nowadays, and was wondering what was more efficient on my stash, smoking bowls or smoking J's to the equivalent amount of weed? Is there any difference to the high?

  2. bowls for sure, joints are horribly inefficient.
    vape for the best efficiency, you can cook the avb and make a edible so you get high multiple times...
  3. Bowls FTW...Joints will definitely burn through a stash way faster than bowls.
  4. You will get more out of bowls
  5. Bowls bit if you can a small bing is nice
  6. Thought this would be the other way round.. As a complete novice to anything apart from J's I'd thought you'd use more in a bong 
  7. Definitely bowls, because once the joint starts burning your fingers, you chuck that shit. When I smoke a bowl I get as much as I can put of my weed. First u grind it up (chromium crusher is a great brand for about 30-40$) and then when I smoke, I get the top all ashed and then I dump it in my hand and flip it over and it's usually still green. Then I smoke a few more hits and I ash it
  8. Bowls dude
  9. bowls, or bettter yet, just take snappers.
  10. Bowls, joints are quite wasteful as they Are constantly burning and you're stuck with roaches after...
  11. Pipes, for sure.
    You pay like, 40-120$ upfront and it lasts a lifetime if you respect it.
    Plus they're alot more creative and colorful, and you can control how much you smoke (little bowl versus superpack)
  12. bowls. most people would be shocked to see how little you need to smoke to get a good high. 
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    Ive been smoking for many years and joints have always been a favourite. I enjoy chillin with a joint, taking my time and if i have a bowl, im just like... damn i want a joint.
    Edit: efficient-wise, the majority go with pipe however if you roll the perfect joint, i see it getting me as high.
  14. for me, i find that joints always get me higher than bowls with nearly the same amount of weed
  15. usually i smoke blunts, but ive been trying to conserve lately. I started smoking bowls more and i really like it - would definitely recommend over joints.
  16. Dude make a gravity bong.
  17. I prefer bowls

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  18. I highly doubt that dude, smoke a gram back to back with zero breaks out of a bong, then try it with a joint...
    the difference is gigantic. Don't get me wrong I love J's but they waste so much bud I rarely roll now.
  19. maybe you're not rolling correctly? if i unroll this .3 joint and put it in a bowl, ill get just as stoned. with joints, remember that you're smoking everything. in a bowl, you have resin and what not all on the sides and everything that you dont smoke. and honestly the cherry of a joint doesnt waste any more weed than the cherry of a bowl or failing to clear a bong. now if you're rolling very fat .5-full gram joints, obviously it would be much more efficient to use a bowl considering how big the cherry would be. i always roll mine skinny and tight
  20. joints burn bud while not being toked so u waste a bit each joint you smoke. with bowls that does not happen. so bowls are better

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