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Bowls Buds n Bongs OH MY!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. I was just wondering... since its illegal for the US to have internet headie shops.. and all of our headie shops either got scared or were forced to... closed.. so... this sight is based in Amsterdam right? Well does that mean i can order seeds and bowls from this site?
  2. i don't think this site sells seedsbut order all the bowls and bongs that you want
  3. you are not ordering bongs or are ordering tobacco waterpipes, tobacco handpipes and tobacco pipe accessories. :)
  4. yeah..... for some odd reason the 2 headshops in my town are still open and dont show any sign of stopping, i think it takes longer for a crackdown to affect a small town

  5. haha :) thats a load of shit, the government is so dumb... they think people would actually smoke groase tobacco out of bong, or a bubbler, or a pipe, yay right! hehe!!!! damn government....
  6. Yeah, not all shops are being closed. The ones that indicated that their pipes and such were for illegal drug use were the ones that got hit along with some others yet it was still done so unfairly. Our shops here where I live are still alive and well.

    Grasscity doesn't sell seeds but they sell other amazing things and everyone in the states always seems to get their orders. Read about shipping and stuff in the Shop for more info.

    Shipping does take a bit longer since it will be coming from overseas unless you pay more for express but I don't know of anyone who has been unhappy with their orders.
  7. The head shop in my town is supposed to get rid of all thier glass stuff. They were supposedly advertising on the internet like the stuff was meant for illegal substances. Who in the world would smoke marijauna out of a bong? hehe

    But I know a guy that works there, and he says that they're not gonna get rid of it, they're just gonna hide it under the counter or something. They'll only sell to people they know personally, or someone they recognize cause they're in the store a lot.
  8. mmm... baccy bongs... just the treat if all you can blag off someone is a pinch of cig and you ain't got no weed...

    i've stopped now. never. ever. again. no.

    but it can be hard if you only smoke weed in bongs, with baccy, then run outta ganja. tasty... ;-)

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