Bowl Stuck In Ash Catcher :(

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  1. Hey guys so I just got a new cheech piece with a cheech ash catcher, and i dropped the ash catcher and now my bowl is stuck in the ash catcher. Ive tried hot water, hot water and dish soap,vegetable oil and using a flame but it won't budge! Some help or ideas would be phenomenal! 

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    Try throwing it out the window. Another feasible option is to melt it down and reform the glass as it was prior to the incident.
  3. Keep trying what you were doing that's all you can do without breaking it.

    Try a metal clothes hanger bend it in to a hook and pull them apart.

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  4. the water isn't going to help at all man, it will make it worse with water filling any remaining empty space between the glass on glass slot, I'd just let it dry for a day or more and try to wiggle/twist the bowl to get out. The water will most likely complicate things more by causing more suction into the ash catcher.
  5. happened to my friends where the ash catcher  got caught in the down stem and theres no way to get it out without breaking it so u gotta pull the stem out every time. u cud always buy a nnew bowl and ash catcher but it dosent seem worth the money, just pull the ash catcher 
  6. Personally I would just yank on the thing until it either came out or broke.  If it broke I would never use cheech products again.
  7. tap on the ash catcher a few times, and pull the bowl while twisting. 
  8. My vape never has this problem.
  9. my friends ashcather downstem got stick in this bong when the ashcatcher broke, the layer of glass made it an 18mm since we couldnt get it out. get high/get creative with it, just try not to break it anymore
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