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Bowl. Quick reload method

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dutchcrumbs63, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. So I love smoking out of my little bubbler or a bowl, but I hate having to undergo the reloading process, so my thought was to take a rolling paper and create a ball of weed rapped up in the paper, the ball would fit in the bowl, have little holes poked in the bottom and not be too tight. This would create a quick and easy reloading method. Lemme Know of you think this will work, I'll Probably be trying it Saturday at the Mac miller concert in boston. :smoke:
  2. genius. like a crab cake !
  3. So you smoke the paper? Decent idea... Gross smoke for a few of the hits.
  4. not a bad idea. i love coming to this forum and seeing quick stoner inventions!
  5. doesn't sound like a bad idea really. i don't see why it wouldn't work. although like hxcurt said it would probably be gross haha
  6. throw a lil bud over the hole in the bowl so it wont shit, then fill up a tic tac container with grinded bud and gently tap into the bowl. all in all it should take less than 10 secs to pack a new bowl
    credit goes to that launch box guy for the tic tac container
  7. Wouldnt the paper buring be similar to smoking a joint?
  8. Not a bad idea! First couple hit I guess would be a little trying it tonight!

  9. Thanks man! Lemme know how it goes, cheers! :smoke:
  10. Might try it with ultra slims. Reloading sucks balls.

  11. I have two ideas before you do this.
    A. roll joints
    B. grind weed into steel pill container and use it whenever(I always do it)
  12. Lol

    AT the mac miller concert
  13. roll it in a ball around like .25g, wrap it in the rolling paper and when your ready to smoke unwrap it from the paper then drop it in the bowl n smoke it, it will probably be equally as fast and not nearly as harsh.
  14. Dude nice idea, but instead after you make the ball of bud in the paper, unroll the paper and stick in the bud, easy and same thing
  15. just did this and it worked like a charm man good idea. the hits where no that harsh for me and i hate joints lol smoked it out of my bubbler.
  16. I was at a Mac Miller concert last Tuesday, and trust me, you don't want to smoke a bowl there. I brought my bowl and the security butt in and took like 5 people to the side to question about them about someone smoking a marijuana pipe. Stick to joints and no one gives a fuck.

  17. HxCurt knows all. hahaha no but really
  18. Haaah I like that idea! I'm about to go try it now!
  19. if you get a good cone bowl it will pull thu every time.... only stick the chron in there (2 seconds) and your golden

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