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bowl question for you seasoned tokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by relakit2, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. if im packing a nice bowl of beasties (which my sister says are crazy potent), do i pack it hard and leave half of the bowl unfilled or let it go which fills the whole thing? im thinking about putting in more weed depending on if i want to get mad high then or nice good high then medium high tonight... which smokes better, if they are nice and fluffy, packed hard or not?
  2. I usually smoke dank so 1 bowl of.3-.5 fries me, but I use screens and its a pain in the ass to refill the bowls, so I always pack my bowls full.

    I doubt you would save any if very very little [im talking like .05 maybe] if you pack smaller bowls.

    I love big bowls.
  3. ok but should i pack it hard or give it some room?
  4. pack that bitch fat and enjoy
  5. pack it. pack it hard
  6. dont just leave it free cuz it will burn faster, i always pack my bowls, not too hard though that air cant get threw but packed enough that i get quite a few hits...then put ur lighter over top of the bowl to put the cherry out so its not burning for nothing lol.
  7. with experience, you will learn to pack it just how it suits you... you can do it perfectly to your tastes blindfolded after maybe a couple months to a year of smoking.
  8. I never pack a bowl down hard. It'll burn better and air will pass through a fluffy bowl more easily, which is how I prefer them. Up to you really, I just hate having to dig through a really solid bowl trying to find the green underneath.

  9. You wannt it to be cherry.. You don't put the lighter over it to stop it from burning, you put the lighter over it so less air gets through, making it a much "tastier" or purer hit, because not as much air is mixing with the smoke.
  10. if you pack a bowl tight, its gonna last a while, but the hits aren't gonna be that hard. with each bowl its diffrent, but there's always that perfect medium that once you find know exactly how to pack it. no matter how loose or tight you pack it, unless you are in some hurry and only want around a hit or so, then i would suggest packing it up to the top.

    oh and btw, beasties (im assuming beasteurs is what you are talking about) is not dank. its high level mids, but, at the same time, it sounds like you are new to toking, so that should get you pretty ripped.

    enjoy it man!
  11. ditto
  12. I always pack my bubbler with about .5 of slightly firm nugs, i just break off a little nug and loosen it up, then it cherries easy
  13. Pack it fat, just because its loaded doesn't mean you gotta burn the hole thing.. Just take a few tokes till your faded than set back and veg out, take another hit now and than when you fill your high going away... Makes for a chill day of just 2-3 Bowls of Fire.
  14. i leave it light and fluffy.
    just like a big one hitter.
    then its cashed.
    then i load it and realize if i am super high or not.
    which ultimately gives me time to realize if i need to smoke another or not.

  15. Pack it in.

    Twist it down with your thumb.

    Pack more on top.

    Press slightly.

    Sprinkly as much as you can on top.


    The Duck.
  16. Roll joints!
  17. i do like joints more but i dont have any right now. i never use bowls. thanks for the tips but i already smoked it all last night. great night.
  18. Some don't like cherry because your weed is burning but no one is getting the smoke. If you rush to hit it when it's cherried, it's not that big of a deal, but it wastes smoke if you take a while.

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