Bowl or Bubbler HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by sweetfamilyguy, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. I'm going to buy a new peace and I wanted some advice
    Would you rather buy a bowl or bubbler? Why?
    Thanks for the help
  2. Personally, I'd go for a bowl because I'm cheap when it comes to my smoking devices. :p I'd rather spend the money on more weed. But bubblers are pretty nice.
  3. get a bubbler if you can afford to. the little bit of water it holds for filtration and cooling goes a long way. I miss mine :(

    dammit sticky.icky send me my pieces :p
  4. I would go for the bubbler. I just recently got a new piece and i'm pretty happy with it. Though sometimes i wish i had a bowl because my bubbler is kind of hard to conceal.

  5. You saying your going to buy a new piece. SO does that mean you have one already? If so what kind? If you dont have a bowl, I'd get one because, as mentioned, they are WAY easier to conceal compared to a bubbler. I had a bubbler in my pocket at a football game at the school I attended before i got expelled (we live in the hills, so football games is where eveyrone met and got baked and talked.) and the bubbler water (which was used throughout the night) spilled ALL over in my pants. Then I had to talk to the pricible about something and i REAKED of herb and nasty water. If you already have a bowl, definately get a bubbler. They are beautiful and a very nice way to smoke. I have 2 bongs and one bowl, bubbler is next on my list of pieces to get. Following that would be the almighty vaporizor.

    Hope this helped homie. Welcome to the city.
  6. I have a broken chillum that my friends and I fixed by taping a pen thing to the end to smoke out of
    It's really hard to get shit on, but it doesn't hold alot of weed
    so Tonight I'm meeting up with the dude so I got to make my desition really quick
  7. do you know what the prices will be??
    if not a big difference get the bubbler
  8. if u already have a pipe get a bubbler. if u dont have a pipe get a pipe.

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