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Bowl of Kief = delicious

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CloudedReach, May 30, 2009.

  1. whattup GC about to smoke a bowl of kief with my boy. its straight chronic kief thats been saved up for awhile. heres the pic


    gonna enjoy this :smoke:
  2. very brown kief :p looks lovely though enjoy :) think about me (weedless with no money) while your buzzing :]
  3. its just a shitty phone pic. if i had a decent camera ud see. im high as hell, and my buddys almost passed out. 2nd bowl of the night/day, just got home from work. im dying to go for a cig tho
  4. know what you mean about shitty phone pics tbh :( oh well enjoy your high
  5. Um...brown is a GOOD color for kief. It's green kief that is less than high quality. Brown or gold is a good thing.
  6. damn haha you prob mad blazed atm
  7. Can I bring my volcano?
  8. I was mad blazed, i was so much more blazed than normal that i couldnt even sit down normally ha, i would just stand up on my knees in my chair

    Please do :smoke:
  9. You tell 'em OSG
  10. Honestly I don't like the taste of kief. I love sprinkling some on a bowl of buds because it sends me soaring, but the taste is just horrid. Enjoy that though.
  11. It looks like kief taken on a crap phone to me.

    Have fun with that. I always save the kief up until I am down to my last couple of bowls and then I will add it to the top. I've never smoked an entire bowl of just kief, just little hits. They taste good though so maybe I'll try next time.

  12. Ya, thats exactly what i did. Ive been saving that kief for awhile and im down to my last bit of bud. itll all be gone by tonight most likely. That bowl lasted a long fucking time too :smoking:
  13. Nice looking kief. Enjoy.
  14. i do the same thing
  15. Smoke better kief from better bud.

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