bowl of bud with a little coke on top

Discussion in 'General' started by special_zed, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Hey guys ive never tryed this before but since i have some coke and lots of bud i thought id give it a try...
    i dont really care about snorting it since i find no addiction in it whatsover and also i dont really like it that much....even though i have it sitting here lol

    well tell me what you think :smoking:
  2. smoke the bud,flush the coke
  3. do the coke then smoke the weed when yo start coming down.
  4. I think you should happily snort it...I would. I love not having an addictive personality.:D
  5. Snort 'n smoke?
  6. snort and wait for the comedown.

    i find that smoking while doing coke takes away the effect of the coke and calms you more. you still feel the coke though, don't get me wrong. just a little less.
  7. I've only done it once to noticeable effect. And it way too much.

    Basically cold sweats + intense tunnel vision + auditory/visual hallucinations mixed together.

    It was neat, only last about 10 minutes or so, then I was just high as a fucker.
  8. Yea, smoking coke is a waste. Crack/freebase=smokeable coke.

    Snort it, then smoke later
  9. why would smoking coke be a waste? rasta_man has done it and said it gave him good effects. at least the effects were good in my opinion, man i wanna get fucked UP!

  10. Yeah man, i smoked a bunch though, a 4-5 bowls in under 10 minutes. I totally wasn't prepared.

    Who knows what kind of havoc that wreaked on my nervous system.

    Anybody with less experience experimenting with drugs probably would have started freaking out big time.
  11. Well, Ive did it before I snorted coke and I did feel it somewhat. I dont know if it was real or placebo. But either way coke is too expensive, snorting is ALOT more effective
  12. if you do, the key is to hover the flame above the coke so you don't melt it.
  13. lucky you, when i had that happen it lasted some 45 minutes. there were points where i thought i was going to die. my friends kept asking if i wanted to go to the hospital. i was so afriad of getting in trouble i just rode it out.

    afterwards i was like, fuck yeah that was fun, when are we going to do it agian? :smoking:
  14. if anything just smoke a woobanger.
  15. Would it work better to sprinkle it on top of bowls and light it with the direct flame or roll it up into a B/J?
  16. roll it up in a blunt.

  17. Actually i have no idea how long it lasted. seemed like 10 minutes to me, haha who knows.

    The girl i was with just kept casually telling me "just relax, you'll be fine in a minute"
  18. Says "blunttttsmokker" haha :)
  19. You can smoke coke; it works fine. It's just not as effective as snorting it.
  20. smoking coke on bowls is awesome. put a little weed in the bottom of your pipe, then a bunch of coke then another layer of weed... and it'll have you feeling good.

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