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  1. Sup
    I am in the unfortunate situation where headshops are illeagal and getting bongs and stuff are pretty hard. So I'm just asking 1 thing, I know aluminium foil is bad (so stfu if that's all your gonna post), but could I just have it as a single-use screen like thing in a socket bowl?
  2. i dont see why not.
    i've used aluminum foil as a screen before, amazingly i didnt taste any foil :hello:
  3. Cheers bro
  4. I remember one time me and my guy were smoking and I dropped the little glass pipe on the concrete floor - of course it broke. Fail on me. So he made a pipe using a pen and a socket. It worked well although not me preferred method of smoking. I can't believe bongs are illegal! I live in a super conservative state and we still have like one or two shops around.
  5. Get a pebble and put it in there. No foil; just stone.
  6. I smoked out of some stupid shit when I was young. I am still here 20 years later.
  7. I made a single session bong one time out of 2 empty cough syrup bottles, duct tape, and an empty paper towel roll. Just walk around glancing at everything in your place and eventually a a smoking piece will come to you in a vision.
  8. Do they sell regular tobacco pipes there? You might try one of those too.
  9. Make a fruit pipe

  10. Then by your pieces off the internet. DUH
  11. Haha I have actually used straight up aluminum foil to smoke. Way back when, I didn't own a piece. So my friends that got me smoking showed me an easy way to make an aluminum foil pipe. Find a pen/pencil and roll the aluminum around it, pull the pen out, and bend 1 end into a bowl. Pretty easy and simple. You can always use a sink faucet screen for a socket pipe. Or make a fancy bubbler out of a pop bottle. Or even a gravity bong using a 1 gallon milk jug. Man there are tons of things you can make out of everyday household items. Just be creative. :smoke:

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