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bowl help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hcarter50, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. hey i have everything done for my bong im making out of a sobe bottle. cut a hole at the bottom and through the lid and i got the socket.
    quick questions though about the socket..
    do i need to use a screen? and if yes, what should i use?
    and also, how tight does the socket have to be
  2. Yes, you need a screen. Foil with a few TINY holes poked works in a pinch but is unhealthy. Go buy a screen if you can.

    The socket needs to be airtight.
  3. where can i get a screen ? i live in a kinda small city and i dont think we have headshops around here
  4. sometimes (depending on the state you live in) they sell screens at tobacco only shops. There is a gas station right up the street from me that sells pips and screens and shit like that. What state do you live in?

    P.S. try doing an online search of shops in your city, and then narrow it down to your general location
  5. i live in alabama
  6. Try a gas station that carries tobacco pipes, rolling tobacco, etc...they may have what you need.
  7. just do an online search. since i dont live there i couldnt tell you where to go. the search though should solve your problem very quickly
  8. ok and i already cut the whole and put the socket in and it's not airtight completely what can i do to make it airtight?
  9. you can sometimes find good screens in the water faucets... where the water comes out.
  10. will they pop back into the water faucet
  11. lol honestly not sure... but after you get it good and filled with resin i dont think you will be wanting to brush your teeth with that screen in there :eek: lol
  12. will it mess up the faucet
  13. to not have a screen in there? no. I mean if you have a pricey faucet lol i dont advise, but not not needed. your water usually goes thru so many filters as it is, a mesh screen isnt doing anything.
  14. hmm mine as well try it
  15. Is it a small socket? You might not even need a screen.
  16. yeah its kind of small
  17. ya, i'd try it without a screen. Remember to use nugs though, not shake. After a few rips itll get resinated and should hold perfectly fine.
  18. what can i do to make the socket air tight if its a little lose
  19. try putting a washer on the outside bottom of the bowl and gluing it on the bottom and around the edges. or try solder

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