Bowl cracked today :(

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    So, this was my pride and joy for a while.. I was just anticipating on cleaning it this weekend too :( Its a color changer, changed from yellow to purple and those stripe things are only there after. Now this thing and I had shared some memories.. My heart broke.

    Just finished an enjoyable bowl of some mids when all of a sudden, I hear a sound that sounded like a seed popping and I was all, fuck I know for CERTAIN that I didn't let a seed get in there, so I start checking out my piece and I find this.. :( I have NO idea why it cracked. Frankly, I'm not even sure if its safe to smoke outta that now, I don't want it shattering mid-hit.

    This is from chunkyglasspipes, anyone have any similar experiences?
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    The only way to put broken glassware to rest is to whip it rediculously hard at someone's car.
  3. How long were you smoking from it? because if a certain amount of heat can crack it then thats prolly what did it, my bowl gets super hot and hard to hold after like 3 bowls so that could be it?? and i agree with this guy^^

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