Bowl- Check, Pot- Check, Ligher- MIA?

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Damnit, I hate when this happens! I just searched the house for a lighter, because I some how lost mine on the walk from here (my computer) to my room.. which is just up the stairs... I can't even find matches! The nearest store to me JUST closed too, theres no way I'm getting into my car right now and driving to town because i'm in my boxers. Damnit.

  2. dam i hate it when shit like that happens 2 me, check your pockets :smoking: and g/l with your search
  3. can always use the stove to light something and in turn light your bowl
  4. check your other hand man :p
  5. Well wtf. I checked EVERYWHERE and that damn blue Bic is no where to be found. I guess I'll have to light a candle in my room.

  6. man sorry to hear that:( i would send you one but it would not get there quick enough LOL
  7. light a candle on the stove or just roll a j and use the stove. electric will work although gas is better.
  8. FUCK! i hate when that happens... ya smoke a bowl and space out... that happened to me the other day. i was at a friends house and realized i forgot my lighter and i almost always have one on me. and it was like 2am so nothing was open
  9. lmao i hate when its right there and you space and forget your holding it
  10. LOL AFD I feel your pain bro. Espcially when I go for a drive and get to my spot only to realize I forgot the lighter
  11. Yeah Blaze, that sucks. I couldn't imagine that! I have a J rolled for on the way to school today, so I'll hotbox that. I ended up finding 2 matches, lit a candle, and smoked my bowl.. Then fell asleep right away, thats why I like to take 5 or 6 hits of good bud before bed, it'll put you down. Especially if you smoked a lot during the day, I smoked two different 1/8th today.. so i 1/4.. that was just in an hour or two.. I had a couple other random bowls through out the day too =P

  12. I got tired of loosing mine so I went out and bought two, 5-pack of lighters. I doubt i'll need one for a while.


  13. um, what are you lighting the candle with?
  14. I think he said he found 2 matches, but ne way I had met this dude in the mountains, and he put a string on his lighter and taped that bitch to the coffee table. He did not loose that lighter very much. He said he did it b/c people kept taking his lighters but I knew he was a smoker and he prolly lost/ misplaced them all the tyme. I would be crushed if I lost mine b/c the cover was given 2 me buy my Grandfather, and he meant alot to me. JOE>
  15. i try to keep lighters all over my house.. 1 on my windowsil, in the kitchen, downstairs and have an emergency one hidden away.

    I also keep a book of matches in my wallet
  16. meh i just keep one with my bowl. rarley loose it... if i do then i keep a spare ;p
  17. It seams that any time you smoke with people, someone always say's "Who stole my lighter?"
  18. lol that happened to me sooooo many times over the summer, i had to explain why a lighter kept apearing in the couch and around random spots of the house.
  19. i cant smoke then go to bed, my mind starts racing and sleep just doesnt come. i prefer a night cap (vicodin and bourbon)

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