Bowl Being Burnt Away?

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  1. So today as i was cleaning the resin out of my spoon pipe i noticed a little chip in the bottom of the bowl like it was burnt away and melted or something, do any of you guys know how this might've happened. I will post a pic soon. 

  2. How were you scraping for resin? I broke a spoon like that once using a bobby pin, maybe you damaged it?
  3. You can't chip glass with heat bro. That's physics, man! You probably chipped it with whatever you used to scrape the inside with lol..
  4. I poked a hole in my little bowl cleaning it with a paper clip ( it was a cheap one). all I did was get the little piece that came off put a little tape on it and there was not problem until a week later when I dropped it and it broke for good.
  5. It didn't burn off because that's not possible with just a regular flame. It probably broke when you were cleaning it or something similar to that.
  6. Defiantly not possible, it had to be from you scraping it. be more careful man
  7. if you put a jet lighter to your spoon when it was cold it could have definitely caused it to crack..
  8. were you sparking your bowl with a acetylene torch? lol.. yeah dude, you most likely chipped it scraping like everyone said.
  9. This thread: repeating the same thing the person above you said...
    As for your problem, you probably chipped your bowl with what you were cleaning with.

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