Boveda Packs not working Curing stage..

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    Hi Guys,
    So my boveda 8 gram medium 62% RH came today and they have been sitting in the jars since this afternoon.
    I can't see 1% of change in humidity so far and its been over 8 hours. Am I doing something wrong? Still stuck at 70% / 71% still.
    And my humidity outside is 80%+ so they havnt gotten any drying from taking them out the jars for a few hours
    Tempted to pop 2 in each jar I got 10 and 4 jars holding upto 2 oz each ....
    Anyone have any experience with these boveda packs, any suggestions?

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    They can only lower the humidity down 2-3% in my experience. They make bags that you can hang in your closet to pull the humidity out of the air. I would keep your buds in a brown paper sack or shoebox mixed with shredded brown paper, and then put that bag/box in a Rubbermaid container that has one of the moisture removing bags in it. This is probably the cheapest way you can create some sort of controlled environment to get the humidity stabilized at about 65%. From there use the Boveda packs in a jar.

    Since they use two way moisture control they can only absorb so much moisture out of the environment they are in. So you will have to make the environment dryer.

    I always use at least two packs.
  3. He is right. Do not jar until you can keep them in the jars below 68 RH. The optimal RH for curing is around 57 and I keep mine in that range for 90 days. Long cures make for smooth tasty bud! :)
  4. Where have you read 57% for buds?
  5. Actually, did a research study at CU with a guy that was getting his doctorate in bacterial science ( I was a spectator ). He found that 55 to 57 RH was optimal RH for a good bacterial cure of medical marijauna. Boveda packs were designed for tobacco curing and storage which is typically 8 to 10 points higher than cannabis....
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  6. The problem with 55 RH is that when you go below that, the curing slows so I try to stay above 57... Below 62. Can be tough in Colorado as it gets real dry here in the winter! What do you guys think of the Bovida packs? I haven't tried them yet. Does it keep it stable for long periods of time?
  7. Awesome, that's why Boveda designed the 62% packs, to be used for MMJ instead of the ones geared toward tobacco. I think they are used primarily to "rejuvenate" buds, so they do probably keep it right around the target range if your flowers were already near target range or slightly dryer.
  8. Yes, I use them in Colorado as well. It keeps the buds extremely fresh and from getting overly crispy like a lot of the dispensary buds here. Seems like the 62% is just a little too moist, so I usually pull it out to a different jar weekly.
  9. After the cure, I try to keep my buds (in jars) at 45 to 55. Do you like that range strictly for storing?
  10. What are you currently growing?
  11. For storage and curing. When I say pull out to a different jar weekly. I mean I pull out a smoke stash weekly, and put it in another jar that doesn't have a pack in it. This usually dries it out just enough for me.
  12. get damp rid and when it gets lower use the paks...i also think 62 is a bit high but its nice while it cures some then i let it get to 58
    they work good I use a caliber IV hygrometer and they're always plus or minus a degree but mostly stay can recharge em too i put em all in a mason jar with wet paper towel under the lid but only if they dont get real dried out
  14. Thanks guys! I have looked at these and thinking that going into winter when it gets cold and dry, I may want to buy a bunch...
  15. I dont know if the damp rid will get it low enough its pretty slow too like the humidipaks..i just have a dehumidifier which helps a lot..Id say maybe low indirect heat like a space heater but idk
  16. A big thing of Damp Rid in a closed container like a Rubbermaid tub will definitely get the humidity below 70% for him.
  17. What strains do you grow MrMileHigh?
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    OK cheers guys, the reason I got these packs in there is because the humidity in my area is 80%+ UK weather (shitty england). My plan and only option now I think is what someone suggested to turn the light off in my grow room and stick the buds in a paper bag for an hour or two but with the lights off humidity will slowly creep back up in that room. So I will have to keep an eye and see how much drying time I can get :/ temps will be 27 ish in the room though. Buds have been sitting in the jars for 1 week plus at 69-71% humidity burping is doing nothing. I have also even put them on newspaper to dry out for 2 hours or so. Don't know what else to do. Cant get this humidity down and cant afford a good enough de-humidifier.

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