Boveda humidipak for curing?

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  1. Has anyone used boveda humidipaks for curing this is my first time curing and I want to get the best out of my first grow
  2. Use the 62s and swap out once a month or so. The size of the B62 packet can be purchased for the size jar you use too. perfect once you get the weed dry and sure it is not too moist for curing.
  3. I use them also.
  4. Boveda packs work very well imo. I use 3 60g packs with my mega cvaults and the medium, 8g ones with my large mason jars. The 62% ones are what you are after. :)
  5. Pretty sure you can rehydrate em too. If ya like to use shit til the wheels fall off..

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  6. Nice thank you so much guys I did order the 62s medium size not sure how many grams but I have the reg sized mason jars how often do I burp
  7. Thank you everyone!!!! What about burping though
  8. I use boveda packs and swear by them. After the buds are dried by hanging them, I do a final trim and put them in mason jars with 62% packs. I don't burp them during the initial 2 week cure unless the buds are making the inside of the mason jars sweat. If they are sweating or have condensation on the inside you need to take the buds back out and dry them a little more. I usually put them in brown bags at that point. I hope that helps.
  9. Thank you def helped
  10. I really don't understand the whole concept of using these things.
    How does bud "cure" if it's kept at a constant RH of 62%?  Evaporation is part of the decarboxylation process, isn't it not?
    And what's more, how do you smoke bud that contains that much moisture?
    These questions are not directed at anyone in particular, but it would be nice to hear from someone that knows what's up...
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  11. Bc 62% is the rh that marijuana is best stored nd cured in brings out aroma flavor etc. u don't want to leave some moisture in the bud
    I appreciate the effort, but this answers nothing...
  13. I meant to say u don't want to completely dry out the bud they did testing nd they found that 62 is the best rh for curing and storing
    Who are "they", and where might I find information relevant to said "testing"?
  15. Google boveda humidipaks they have there own website or u can find tons of info just by looking on Google
    Even on YouTube just look up boveda humidipak for medical cannabis
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    they should not be used in the beginning stages of curing no. they are used when the humidity inside the jar gets down to where you want to store at. for instance i cure slow and so i do not put the packs in my jar until a month or so into it. the 62 packs i use maintain the humidity in the jar at 62% keeping it from going down too far.
    the ambient humidity in the jar, by the time mine reach 62% my bud has a moisture content of around 12% give or take. so the packs are designed to keep the humidity above a certain point and although they "claim" it will lower higher humidity, i have yet to see it.
    so to sum it up, they are more for storage verses cure but work well at the end of cure, i have found and they last about 2-3 months as well.
  17. that would be me. :laughing:
    how does one go about doing this?
  18. Have yet to do it, but I found this.

    I did a little experiment and it seems to have worked. I just took some tupperware, put in some distilled water, and put my Boveda pack in there on a little stand. After sealing it up and leaving it for a week, the Boveda pack is now reading 71% RH (it's a 69% RH pack). It's been steady for the last week. Sorry if this is nothing new, but I couldn't find any info when searching for "Boveda" and thought I'd post my experience.

    I mean you could jus replace. But I'm cheap, poor. Whatever one calls it. Lol

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