Bout to start my first grow lemme know if im good to go!!

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  1. Alright my fellow blades and indoor growers I'm about to begin my first expedition in the world of indoor growing, let alone growing marijuana period, and I think I'm finally ready lmao

    This is what I got...
    Grow space - DR 40 or 60 tent...havent decided yet
    Lighting - 400w HPS w/4 side reflector
    Nutes - Recipe for Success kit
    Ventilation - ??
    Method - Hempy bucket , SCROG

    Nows here my questions
    1)Does anyone have experience with DR 40s or 60s and can tell me if Id be able to grow two plants comfortably in the 40 or should I get the 60?
    2) What kind of fan should I get for the tent? I read the ventilation faq but Im still kinda confused. Like I dont know exactly how many fans I need, ducting, where they go, and stuff like that.
    3) How often should I nute my plants?
    4) How long should I veg my plants? I see some people say two months... others till the plants are a certain height...
    5) how high should I put my scrog screen up for the plants to reach?

    And heres the basic jist Im getting from everything I read... I germinate the seeds I get. Put em in a cup with soil under 24hr veg light till theyre about 6 inches, then put em in the hempy bucket, then veg with 24hr light till theyre ready to enter flowering. Hit that 12 on 12 off schedule and keep everything goin till theyre ready to harvest? If theres anything real special in between the grow process I should kno about please let me know. As you can tell as confident as I am im still a lil nervous lol

    ItsTheMystery if you see this man I followed your thread kick ass grow bro! I stole a lot of your ideas :smoke:

    Thanks everyone!!! Ohh how much do you think I might yield dry too???
  2. bump. Anyone?

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