Bout to out a plant under my first screen

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  1. So I've been begging her, got her bushy as shit, and got some questions about the screen.

    How high above the plant do I want to put it when I go from veg to flower? I know title take about 3 weeks to hit flower state. Do I want to veg it a week under the screen? Should I put it right at the plant or a bit above?

    I juse weave the plant through over and under right?

    I've done a lot of reading/watching vids but now it's time.
  2. You need to do the training through the screen while it is vegging. You should have filled the screen and let it grow vertical for a week or two before you put it to flower.

    I use a combination of weaving over and under and cable ties to keep them in place.

    Some photos of your plant would be a help to answering your questions.
  3. Seriously? Did I get LST and putting it under a screen confused?

    So if I was going from a veg room to a grow room I'd have to have the plant/bucket lid/screen all one piece? Was going go for a modular scrog
    Perpetual grow room (3 plants a month 12 total each under and individual screen)
  4. LST means Low Stress Training, scrogging is just another method of this, but accomplishes pretty much the same results. By the way, what do you mean when you say "begging" in your OP?

    With LST you can use pegs or string to bend the branches and keep them in place, but with a scrog you have a screen to help you. The idea is to weave the main stem and branches into the screen (or cable tie them in place) until you are happy the screen is full enough. You can start this process when the plant is just four or five nodes tall. Colas will then form at each node of each branch. I like to veg for a week or so longer to allow some verticle growth before switching to 12/12 and letting the stretch do the rest, but all this depends on whether you have height/lighting restrictions, etc.

    Building individual scrogs would be more convenient in your case. They're not exactly hard to build and it'll give you the freedom to move each plant individually. If you want to leave a plant on 18/6 a little longer, move it somewhere to flush it, etc. then you can. I've got an outdoor plant in a scrog at the minute. I built the frame of the scrog so that it supports the plant pot as well, but I'll still be able to cut the bottom of the pot off if the plant outgrows it and I want to dig a hole underneath, fill it with compost and allow the roots to grow down. It's a two person job to move it, but your indoor ones won't be nearly as big.

    I think maybe what you're getting at is using a screen to support the colas now that you've used LST to produce them. Am I right? This is fine, you could probably still do a little weaving to try get them all the same height, providing that you're still on 18/6. I've just switched my LST'd (but not scrogged) indoor plants to 12/12. They've had a good long veg period and are already pretty big. I'm going to have to support some of the colas of mine once they grow huge heavy buds (being optimistic). It's a bit late for me to setup some kind of screen. I think I'll probably wire them together so they support eachother.
  5. Ok I'm a lil tipsy, but here it goes.

    I am growing a 14 week sativa. I know it takes about 3 weeks to flower in 12/12. I thought this is when you screen.

    Planning a 12 plant garden. Mod screen. 3 plants every month in flower room. 2X2 screen over bucket. Seperate veg room:

    Begging = veging in op
  6. Training your plants during the stretch rather than during veg is going to limit the final height of your plants. Personally I finish training them, allow a little more growth and then switch to 12/12.

    Don't take my word as gospel. Does anyone else have any input?

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