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  1. Read it, and be excited... I am ha!

    All right now, I'll be back when they kick us out...:wave: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:
  2. hhhaavvveeeee fuuuunnnnnnn :smoke:

    n happy birthday :metal:
  3. nice happy birthday this whole sacks for you
  4. haha i wish i was 21! lol good luck man, dont get your first dui on your 21st lol. be safe
  5. 21 is by far the best birthday....ENJOY IT!! :hello: :D :hello: :D :hello:
  6. Oooh, congratulations. I can't wait for my 21st birthday... I already have it all planned out. *Yeah, juvenile, I know* But whatever. Party on, take pictures... something like that. Oh yeah... and don't get HIV.
  7. happy birthday and be safe.
  8. well, the bartender gave me my first LEGAL shot on the house... she told me "i'm going to give you my wet pussy" i'm not new to shots...and i've been to bars (mostly in mexico) but the way she said that rocked my world HA! anyway...i remember sparatic parts of the night...think i'm going to do a story in the "true life stories section"
  9. happy birthday dude
  10. Happy birthday bro. Hope you get wasted.

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