'Bout to drink down ~5 HB Woodrose seeds

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  1. Got 10 sitting in a teabag in some water that's been sitting for 3 days or so now with occasional (morning+night) stirring. I'm gonna go drink half of it and see how it does me.....wish me luck!
  2. Sorry for double post buuuuuuut

    T 0:11- Feeling kind of off base sweating a bit. I've smoked a bowl to help with possibly coming nausea.
    T 0:13- Nausea came anyways. Very unpleasant and fast like a punch in the gut. Gonna finish the bowl and lay down.
  3. "Major visuals, thought I was a demon for a couple of seconds there.....Wait a minute.....A magic carpet is flying up to my house, I have to go."
  4. Haha nah. At around 45 minutes after ingesting the liquid my stomach heaved and it came up, I nearly didn't make it to the bathroom. I then slept for 4 hours :D I'm about to try eating a McDonalds Apple Pie with some of the remaining liquid....
  5. What kind of HBWR seeds were they? Where did you get them?
    Depending on both of those answers you could have gotten weaker seeds. Or some that don't work at all. Plus I don't think that's enough seeds as well, general guides list doses at a significant more number than what you took. I know I took a whole lot more than that and I barely felt anything still, but I had medium potency seeds.
  6. Oh word of advice. In my experience, seeds work much better when you just do the method of washing them off and eating the mush after you grind them up. You really dont want to overshoot the dosage though. I did this with morning glories and fried to fuck out of my brain (I like quadruple dosed because I assumed I wasnt going to trip.)
  7. i tried them using the teabag method and the ice water extraction method, both times with 10-12 seeds from iamshaman.com, greatly disapointed, barely felt anything if anything at all.
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    if they're organic, i just chew them up after grinding and a half an hour before consuming i take some motion sickness stuff, tripped a lot harder than using the cold water extraction technique. i've also read that if you want to entirely bypass the nausea, actually germinated the seeds, pick away the shell and eat the white stuff that would have become the plant
  9. Not surprised, iamshaman sells the ghana strain of HBWR. What you want is hawaiian strain. Ghana has no LSA content.
  10. Got them from flowing visions, all organic. I basically felt a body like weed high with a sore stomach the whole time....lame.
  11. If you got any sufficient amount of lsa into your system you should have tripped fairly hard.

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