bout to buy a bong but 1 quest.

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  1. i have a Visa Debit Card with $25 on it, it was a gift

    can i use that instead of a credit card?
  2. negative. never worked for me anyways.
  3. Lol Quest, you just reminded me of runescape.

    What do you mean, are you buying online or in a store?
  4. yuhh i used one of those before you should be fine as long as your shop takes visa
  5. no i meant here
    i bought it here, but i checked out as a guest and didnt get an email,

    should i have gotten an email? cuz i called the card number and they took the money off, so im guessing it went through, but i didnt get a confirm or notice email

  6. last time i ordered here it took forever to get a confirm email
  7. ight, but i was dumb and ordered as a guest, and sent in a support ticket/email and now i cant see the answer because i cant login with that email on gc
  8. If it's the same as it was a year ago, those visa cards don't work internationally, if you're in the states you'll need to find a US online shop which there are several, but the 25$ budget will not help you at the sites I know of for a bong. Hopefully, someone will chime in with a US online site that carries a$25 bong.

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