?? bout Techniflora Trial Pack nutes

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by spareparts, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. so i got the Technaflora Trial Pack. its getting here tomorrow but i wanted to know if anybody's used this before? i put it in the search bar but nothing showed up. i was gunna get the fox farms trio with the grow big, tiger bloom and big bloom but they were 20 bucks a quart so this being my first grow i went with this one which has everything and even cloning gel and a few supplements and ph buffers for 30bucks .

    any input tips tricks and things i should know from this product would be awesome!
    is there any discrepancies that arent described in the box? like i know some products give u a measurement but 50% is actually recommended here on GC.

    i have a hydro grow just 6 plants from various bags of mids and one or two dro.

    im runnin plain miricle grow NPK 24-8-16 at like 25-35% not sure is there anything special i need to do before switchin

    oh heres the link
    Techniflora Trial Pack
  2. reallly! nobody can help me out!!?? comonnnnnn!!

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