Bout dis girl need som help

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  1. Ok i cant sleep broke my labtop and im on my moms computer so this is what goin on with this girl i start form beggining(got some questions or tips i rly need some advice or support)Ok i go over phillips moms every 2 weekends well one weekend we (friday) we didnt smoke shit we didnt have nothing his mom was dry but for some reason i felt fucked up i dont know why i realy couldnt think staright well ne wayz we went outside and these 9th graders outside playing basketball 10 o clock at nite me (kind atall) and phillip (rly short) go over and start playing to (3on3) it was pillips goal ne wayz well teams were Me Phillip and this balled guy almost named niel we and other team (girl named Tasha)(brian some guy liked my firend josh liek he was his role model at basketball)Shanta big old black girl talks alot i know her we good firneds well we played a couple of games for about 2 hours we all beat then tashas friends 2 girls pull up in white car like an orginaly pot head i go up there here them talkin bout bud then it clicked in my mind (5 dollers in pocket)asked em if i could buy a joint well this girl (driver seat) pulls out a fat sack iwa sliek oh shit she gave me a little joint (badly rolled) i smelt it to make shure u knwo u all do dat well i put in my ciggy bag after i made shure it was unrolled tasha looks at me like i didnt know u smoke and i say cant help it its a habit ai go in phillips moms house ask were teh papers r and her fkin eyes light up -YOU GOT SOME BUD!!!!well she hooks us up so id feel bad i not a stengy guy then im liek why am i asking ya for papers u knwo tammy i got some bud im fixing to go smoke it outside u comin? well the kids were out there and shes like naw..i let u guys have it dis time u can smoke what u buy..u shure tammy?yaya get ur as out before i change my mind well me and phillip sit down only peorson taht sits down with us is Tasha she looks at me and i was thinking Darrel you cant do thi with a 9nth grader i looked at her slighty glancing as we sat on porch...she int look like no dam 9th grader girl den i asked her what grade u in? she said 11th i was like yep yep yep (in my mind) well me and phillip went in phillip went in his house SHE CAME IN TO SHE KNEW TAMMY and we all went in phillips rioom (little smoke room)Turned black light on turned afro man video on and roleld it lite it up went to me 2nd phillip coughs vry time hits it to hard for him i puff puff exhlae puff inhale exhale my special way of smokin tell ya later recycle :) well she got it an oohhh dam she hit it the longest hit i eva seen well the ending is now the present time she gave me her phone # at fair her friend gave to me she liekd me eva since dat nite 2 weeks ago...i still know her phone num,er what hould i do guys im going there this friday she goes to same hoem school i do but i barely see her if i do ne siggestions advice from ne other girls or guys been in situation i neva went out with pot head girl (not that i wouldnt want to)i just had a bad Love experince if ne of u had one u know what it is wen u screw up with someone that u love and loves u well pl post if u have advice or questions i got all nite
  2. Um. Go for it? I dunno, that story was very hard to read. Call her, arange to meet her again.

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