Bout 20ish days into flower when to give em the chop ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AusStealthBuds, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. image.jpg image.jpg Just want a few others input first grow so getting extra points can't hurt
  2. What strain is it? is it photo or auto..?
    Judging just by the pics and u sayin 20 days and with no other info..another 20 days??
  3. Not even vaguely close at 20 days?
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  4. Idk bag seeds off a bloke who bought his shit from Amsterdam they could be any strain under the sun, arent all you weed coniseurs suppose to know this shit by looking at a flower ?
  5. theyre closer to thirty days now I do the math
  6. That seemed somewhat rude. No we can't tell the strain from the flower. That's ridiculous
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  7. That's very clearly a white spyda x man scout cookies x original gangbang
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  8. I was going to say the same thing but you beat me to it. With both of us thinking the same thing we must be correct.

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  9. So you've got a minimum of another 30 days left and possibly more, especially if your plant is truly a white spyda x man scout cookies; both of which can sometimes flower for 4+ months.

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  10. Couple things I do know....First, that plant is certainly not at 20 or 30 days of flower and the strain is bulshitter x troll x sphincter.
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  11. Is it just me or is that cola fox tailing in the first pic??
  12. Yep

    Buds dont foxtail at 20 days

    I smell a rat lol

    They look a fair bit further on than 20 days imo
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  13. Hahaha
    hahahaha I'm a nube grower so idk what a foxtail is and sorry I didn't mean to seem Nasty man
  14. I'll ask the guy I got the original buds off that had the seeds so you guys know, thanks jerry for your help on most of my dumb questions, IMG_0144.PNG here's a pic of the trichomes also :)
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