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bout 2 get LiFttteeeDD

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DJ_DuBZ_4-2-0, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. smoking a half oz. tonite i got 5 blunts and 10 joints. im goin 2 tha moon. n my girls probly gonna be wit me so a half once on 2 heads :D
    so wat do u think i should watch on tv tonite. any special shows or movies u guys gonna blaze 2? Tell ME WUTS Up
  2. SNL is always good. and thats alot of weed for 2 heads, have fun
  3. step brothers or grandmas boy. 2 favorite movies
  4. yeah i got some advice, don't smoke it all

    smoke some...and then fuck

    if you smoke all that shit you're just gonna pass out

  5. the dude makes a really good point.
    save some for wake and bake brosef
  6. Yeah man save some for tomorrow and the rest fo the week, you really wont get high beyond a certain point.

    But,.. fuck my advice, do what yuou wanna do man, have fun.

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