Boulder Police are offering a reward to snitch on stoners

Discussion in 'General' started by chrisislies, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Thats fucking rediculous, it looks like they had an undercover walking around with a camera. pshhhhh...
  2. I think that's the doing of the university officials, the cops themselves would never bother. What fucking assholes though, and I'd like to say that anyone who turns anyone in on there is a bastard that should get beaten up.
  3. THey were all warned and told to stay off the field, they were all told that they would be pictured if they did and thus prosecuted. Did anyone listen, no, at least not these youngn's. It's not like they didn't say anything and had a huge raid. There were clear and obvious signs as to the stupidity of smoking there.

    My 4/20 at CU Boulder next year will not be on Farrand if they ask it not to be.
  4. why wouldnt the cops just walk in as they were there?
  5. haha that's too funny, they got everyone on camera. there were signs posted. they dug their own graves. what a bunch of idiots.
  6. I think it's so stupid that cops offer rewards, does it even work? It seems to me that if someone is so anti-drug that they're willing to narc on someone, that they wouldn't need an award. And the people who aren't narcs already are not going to be bought with $50.


    I would fight it in court and say it was just a hand-rolled tobacco cig if I got caught. Seeing someone smoke weed is NOT enough evidence to convict someone--the charge is "possession" and you actually have to have evidence of it to charge someone.

    Also, I hope they find who took the photos and beat him to near death with some perminant damage to his body, like maybe needing dentures for the rest of his life. None of the people in the photos did anything morally wrong, but some Narc is probably beating off to the idea that he's responsible for sending dozens of innocent people to jail.
  7. So you can honestly say you've always been 100% safe when you smoke, never smoking near a window, never smoking in a car, never smoking in public, never going to a park after dark? I doubt that.
  8. haha no i'm not saying that, but i'm not stupid enough to smoke in a large group of people, on 420, in public, where signs have been posted stating that i'm not allowed to be there AND that they are videotaping me.

    i mean come now...
  9. I wonder how much the issue would change if it was you guys who got caught... all of a sudden it would be "fucking pigs" or something. Everyone should be free to smoke, and it's sad to put down fellow smokers this way as a "bunch of idiots". Remember, everytime you touch weed, buy weed, or especially smoke weed, it's illegal. So try to not be so hard on them.
  10. dude, i know the things i do are illegal. but there's a big difference here. what these people did was ignorant. i mean i agree, everyone SHOULD be free to smoke. but we aren't. and those people made the choices they made, and now they are dealing with the consequences. i may be doing illegal things, but i'm not making a spectacle or an example of myself.
  11. So instead of running around in the open smoking, everyone here is posting pictures of their grows on a website that could very easily go the way of OG, besides the fact that it's based in another country. My point is is that this all sounds very hypocritical. It's "ignorant" to post on a website about your illegal habits, no offense to GC'ers, I am one. I accept the consequences as well. All I'm trying to put in perspective is that it is very not cool to make fun of people who get caught, just because they were taking a stand on something that everyone here proclaims they believe in, which is the freedom to engage in a harmless activity. So think about this the next time you call them idiots, because they're the ones who are takin a stand against this injustice.

    peace :)
  12. all i know is that this girl is wicked hot and i want to meet her. [​IMG]

  13. I'm not saying it was the most intelligent thing to do, I'm just saying we all do dumb things.

    Toker2021 (nice sealab ref btw): That's why pretty much why I stopped growing. Probably later in my life, when I no longer post online very much, I may start it up again, but with the crackdown lately it's kinda frightening, so I'd rather not get busted and pay a bit more to smoke than worry about the feds getting my info. GC is safe right now, but even SJ couldn't stop men with guns from taking his server by force (not that that would happen, but no one suspected OG either).
  14. the absolute most they can get these guys for would be trespassing. i don't think anyone could be convicted of possession, 'cause after all, they were just smoking handrolled tobacco cigs
  15. this is true
  16. Dont forget about the ones smokin outta spoons.

    But you have a good point.
  17. Seriously there's no way they can prove through pictures that even one of them was actually smoking weed.
  18. But they can prove they were on the field when not supposed to.
  19. lol, true true, it just makes me so amd that there are people out there who would ruin someone's life (or attempt to) over $50. and yeah, i understand, I want to grow too, but can't (not cause im afraid to, but because of my parents). but as soon as i get to college this summer, it completely changes. down here, bud's just too damn expensive, because people will pay outrageous prices. anywyas yeah, wasn't meaning to bitch at anyone, i just think that the whole situation, whether or not they were being "careless", shouldn't have even been an issue in the first place! :) peace! :)

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